What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2015-04-25)

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

I decided to give this a try… every Saturday I’m going to post this question to the Modern Survival Blog community, “What did you do for your preparedness this week?”, with the aim towards encouraging conversation – while also providing my own input.

M.D. Creekmore has been doing this on his site (theSurvivalistBlog.net) for a long time, and I think it’s a great idea which should inspire discussion and reflection on one’s own preparedness goals. So I suppose I’m copying his concept while crediting him for the idea

That said, let’s hear from you…

The past week here has been relatively gloomy, rainy, cold, and even had more snow yesterday and today (can someone please send some of that ‘global warming’ to northern NH please?). Outdoor activities have been at a minimum.

I did manage to get two 12-volt deep cycle batteries installed in my 5th-wheel trailer ‘basement’ while beginning to get it ready for this summer’s quests. I had removed the batteries for the winter and am now doing some electrical modifications to power the trailer in off-grid mode, just in case I need it.

Along the same vein of preparedness I also worked indoors on my off-grid battery bank while adding another string of batteries and associated cabling in order to increase my overall capacity.

I ordered and received another Fenix HP25 headlamp, which I reviewed awhile back in the following article, “The Fenix HP25 Headlamp And Why I Chose It“. This one will be staying in the 5th-wheel.

Speaking of headlamps, I’ve been using the aforementioned headlamp during much of the week while painting the walls of the ‘great room’ here at the MSB retreat. It has come in quite handy while doing (seeing) all of the paint trim (which I really do not like doing by the way…). But it’s a ‘honey-do’ project and I’ve procrastinated long enough…

Another thing I’ve worked on this week has been the project of enabling ModernSurvivalBlog.com to be mobile friendly. The site will now appear better, more legible, (mobile friendly) on any smart phone, iPhone, Android, etc.. while still appearing as it always has on a typical PC desktop.

Let’s see, what else… I stacked a few bags of rice and also a 50-lb sack of Rye in the chest freezer for a few days in order to kill any potential existing ‘bugs’ and/or larvae prior to sealing them in Mylar and buckets this upcoming week.

Okay, let’s hear from you now…

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