The Culling

by Jay Weidner, ZenGardner There is a plan. The Plan has been in effect for 35 years, at least, possibly over a hundred years. I have a name for the Plan. I call it The Culling. The final stages of the Plan, The Culling, are about to occur. The idea for the Plan isn’t all that new. It was born long ago with the writings of Thomas Malthus. His ideas were taken up eagerly by the British aristocratic class. Malthus worked for the East India Trading Company in the early 1800’s and he had traveled the world. One of his hobbies was examining populations and understanding population growth. Malthus had done the figures and things just didn’t add up. Eventually, according to his figures, there would be too many people. This fact would trigger massive famines that would wipe out most of the Earth’s population. This wasn’t prophecy, it was science. Everyone over the age of 50 remembers the best selling book The Population Bomb by Paul Elrich. Elrich was a follower of Malthus and he managed to scare the hell out of the entire Baby Boomer generation. Due mostly to Elrich’s influence many of the people, who came of age in the 1970’s, voluntarily agreed to cut their numbers by having less, or in many cases, no children. In that book from the 1970’s Elrich predicted that overpopulation would bring on a famine that would destroy most of the world’s populations. This famine would start, he said, sometimes in the late 1970’s, and by the late 1980’s, there would be hardly anyone left. Just a few years later, in 1980, after Paul Elrich’s book The Population Bomb was published a strange monument was built in the small town of Elberton, Georgia called the George Guidestones, which seemed to address some of the same issues that Elrich was dealing with in his book. The Georgia Guidestones are truly a bizarre and haunting construct. Financed by an anonymous gentleman who called himself R.C. Christian, the Georgia Guidestones appear to be providing the people of the future with a new set of rules for proper government. The new rules appear to have been devised through the power of reason. At that time Mr. R.C. Christian gave the owner of a local granite company in Elberton, a large sum of money and the blueprint for the granite monument. Mr. Christian also instructed the builder as to what the words on the monument would say. He had carefully written a new set of Ten Commandments that were to be etched into the face of the granite on the monument. The message to the people of the future was written in eight different languages. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Ancient Chinese, and Russian. The message in English reads: * Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature* * Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity. * Unite humanity with a living new language. * Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason. * Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. * Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a one world court * Avoid petty laws and useless officials. * Balance personal rights with social duties. * Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite. * Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature. As in the Ten Bill of Rights to the US Constitution and the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, the first Right, or Commandment, is the most important of the ten. That is why it is first. Both the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments are similar in that the last nine are there largely to enforce the first law or Right. In the US Constitution the primary freedom is the right to press, speech and religion. The other Rights are there to support that very important first Right. With the Georgia Guidestones the same rule applies. The last nine Commandments appear to only go into effect after Commandment Number One is completed. If one were following the logic implied, then the world ruled by reason, which the last nine commandments appear to be describing, can only occur when eleven out of twelve people currently alive on the planet die away. The Georgia Guidestones, it has been argued by conspiracy theorists, is a 10 Commandments for the New World Order. The first Commandment of the Guidestones is the declaration to reduce the world’s population from the current six billion to 500 million. When I was Producing the feature documentary 2012: The Odyssey, we interviewed Gary Jones, editor of the Elberton Star, the local newspaper in the town near the Guidestones. He said that local Masons were the ones behind the building of the Guidestones. Yoko Ono, Ted Turner, Mikhail Gorbechev and many others have commented on how much they admire the Georgia Guidestones and their message. In that same film we also explored the strange murals, plaques and rumors that surround Denver Airport. This modern, public facility has some weird similarities to the Georgia Guidestones. Beginning in the late 1980’s and eventually finished in the mid 1990′ s, the Denver Airport was the top project for Denver Mayor Fredrico Pena and other civic leaders of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Even the idea of a new airport in Denver was odd. The old airport, Stapleton Airport, was perfectly fine as an international airport for the Rocky Mountains area. The new airport project was under funded from the beginning of its construction and eventually went way over budget. It took years longer than expected to be finished. Also all during the long construction there were consistent reports and rumors concerning the idea that there was a huge military base being built co-currently underneath the new Denver Airport. People in the area reported that they heard sounds coming from deep underground during the construction. According to nearby neighbors thousands of truckloads of dirt was removed from the area over the years. Other stories were getting around, some concerned with a secret government plan to avert total destruction in the advent of a disaster, either man made or natural. This plan was called COG for Continuity of Government. COG is a plan that we know exists because Dick Cheney reported to the press that many of his odd actions during the September 11th tragedy were because he was following the rules of COG or continuity of government. So Bush flying to Offutt Air Base in Omaha on that day may have been part of the COG plan. See: COG was a government plan to save itself by always keeping the option open for the sudden need for the leaders and elites to be able to disappear into an underground bunker. Was it possible that the rumored underground base built under the Denver Airport was part of COG? Denver with its high altitude and being close to the center of the country could serve as a last-ditch escape hatch for the elites of our country. Since it would take just about the same time to get to Denver from the farthest reaches of the 48 contiguous states and because there were already underground bunkers under Pikes Peak at NORAD the choice of Denver and the nearby Rockies would be obvious. Perhaps the rumors of underground trains moving from under the airport into the bowels of the Rocky Mountains is not so far fetched either. The rumors are rampant in the Denver area concerning the base underneath the Denver Airport. Painters and dry wall installers talk of elevators that go down 30 to 40 stories and ex-intelligence spooks talk of underground trains into bowels of the Rockies. As if the Denver Airport mystery weren’t weird enough, there are two other odd things about the airport that warrant a close examination and have a direct link to the major aspect of this thesis. See The first is the odd plaque and monument that sits at the south end of the airport. This is a stone monument built and placed here at the airport by the local Colorado Freemasons. There is a dedication to the airport from the Grandmaster of the Freemasons as well as thanking several other Colorado luminaries like Fredrico Pena and others. The plaque sits in the middle of what is referred to as by the Freemasons. The Denver weekly newspaper Westword looked into it the whole story. See The artist Leo Tanguma has changed his story. His first story, in 1995, was that he was commissioned and told exactly what to paint, now, according to Westword in 2007, he says that he was the one who decided what to paint. Does it sound like normal operating procedure to just pay an artist to paint whatever he likes in a public airport, an airport that has a Masonic influence? Not likely. More likely is that they told him exactly what to paint. There are four murals located between the baggage claims area and the center under the giant towering tent that makes up the central building of the airport. The first mural depicts the children of the world surrounding a psychedelic cactus of some kind their faces filled with jubilation. The second mural is where things begin to get a disturbing. This mural shows three people, two children and a native American woman lying in coffins. Behind these three dead people are all of the animals who have gone extinct in the last few hundred years. Behind the extinct animals is an immense forest fire which appears to be burning up the world. The third mural has the children of the world beating a sword into a plowshare. The last mural though is the most disturbing and why it sits in a major airport is a great question. The mural shows a Nazi like figure wearing a gas mask and carrying a huge rifle. He walks down the streets of a haunted deserted town apparently looking for victims. Hiding in the floors and walls of the town are poor people who are frightened and crying. The Nazi-figure is piercing the breast of a white dove with the bayonet on his rifle. The Denver Airport murals appear to be telling us that if we go one way all the children of the world, all of the people of the world, will be united. If, on the other hand, we go the other way, there will be Nazis going down the street murdering everyone, leading to an extinction event that will kill all of us. The Georgia Guidestones and the Denver Airport are both recent constructs. An investigation into each reveals a deep Masonic influence. Both offer a clear message of what is to come. These two constructs, the Guidestones in Georgia and the odd airport on the edge of The Great Plains have something in common. By looking at the two monuments together, we can see a symbolic opening into the Plan. It is as if someone could not keep their mouths shut. Or maybe they, whomever they are, have to tell us about what will happen. But they do it in a code, or a symbolic language, that is obvious to those on the inside and missing in action to those on the outside. This symbolic code seems to be saying that if we become a world of only five hundred million people, as the first Commandment of the Georgia Guidestones tells us, then the children of the world will live in peace and they will beat their swords into plowshares, in other words, they will be living in peace, with no war. On the other hand if we do not cull the population then we face certain extinction and, or, Nazis in the street, killing us one by one. We can see that these two monuments or constructs, helped to be built by local Freemasons, have much in common. But is it possible that there is only a fringe element of the elites who believes in this dream of a world with a substantial population loss? Is it all Masons, or just certain Masons, who are pursuing the dream of depopulation, better construed as a nightmare.? Unfortunately the answer is no. Population reduction appears to have been a major preoccupation of all the ruling elite for quite a while. Many pf these elite groups have been pursuing the “problem” of over-population for decades. The Club of Rome, The Trilateralists, the Crown. George Soros, Karl Popper and others were part of a research group devoted to examining methods of depopulation. The Rockefellers were also heavily involved with financing the eugenics movements of the early twentieth century. The Bush family has always been interested in population control, abortion and even eugenics. The elites have a long and well known history of race based eugenics, abortion freedom, funding of depopulation thinkers and other such think tanks. Some conspiracy theorists, on both the left and the right, believe that population control is the number one goal of the elites. It is as if the elites, sometime after Darwin published his book on evolution, began designing philosophies based on their own warped version of Darwinism. Possibly this is why one sees the emergence of Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Zionism and a hundred other “isms” after Darwin published his famous Origin of Species. The most infamous of these social Darwinists was Adolf Hitler. The Third Reich rose to power riding a wave of Hitler’s racial, Darwinist ideas. The major driving factor of this emerging “evolutionary” meme was that, once the rules of Darwinian evolution were properly understood, the real truth of Nature is that only one group can be at the top. This emerging new philosophy believed that survival of the fittest is the only rule of nature. This new polity served to destroy the last vestiges of the ancient values of the old initiatory bodies of Europe and America. Traditional beliefs in Liberty, Fraternity and Equality gave way to a more selfishly-derived ethos. Ideas like freedom and equality were quaint but had no place in a world ruled by dominance and by the fierce reality borne out of the elites’ superficial understanding of evolution. Darwin and his scientific viewpoint inadvertently gave rise to a self centered philosophy which basically, in the end, said that it was better to wipe out everyone who is not of your kind. Perhaps more importantly this new philosophy was saying that if you and your race are not pursuing this line of logic, you will lose, because there is surely another race, or culture, that is thinking this way. Whomever gets there first wins. But what is there? In the sense of these emerging post-Darwinist philosophies, these newly discovered “rules” of nature would dictate that all other competitors will have to be killed. The ‘there’ that the elites were seeking was a world where your kind, your race, succeeded only at the cost of all the other races, who would have to fail. It is in and from this idea of racial and cultural superiority, carried out with technology, that the idea for The Culling was born. In a Darwinist sense, moral values and ethics were now useless and antiquated artifacts that served to inhibit the natural racial desire to conquer and be the dominant species, culture or race. It is true that the idea of racial superiority had been around a long time before Darwin but now the difference with those old slave masters and stuffy European aristocrats was palatable. Darwin gave, to all the intelligent, but racist, people of the elites, an intellectual reason to spring into action. Continue Reading>>>

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