AFP: Extremely high radiation levels detected in Tokyo — TV: 500 microSv/hr at playground, would get yearly limit in 120 minutes

from ENENews “Fragment of unknown object dug up” — Reviving concern about Fukushima contamination — Officials downplay link: “Will not have adverse effect on health”

AFP, Apr 24, 2015 (emphasis added): Officials deny Fukushima link after extreme levels of radiation detected in Tokyo playground… Officials were made aware of the contamination after a local resident reported it on Monday and say they do not think it is connected to the disaster at Fukushima… Many families in eastern Japan continue to survey the levels of radioactive contamination… distrustful of government assurances that most places were not affected by the Fukushima meltdown.

AFP, Apr 24, 2015: Extremely high levels of radiation have been discovered in a playground in Tokyo… fanning fears for the health of children in the area. Soil underneath a slide [was] up to 480 microsieverts per hour… CAPTION: container holding a fragment of an unknown object after it was dug up from the ground near playground equipment

Japan Times, Apr 24, 2015: A 62-year-old woman [says] she is very worried to learn that a hot spot has been confirmed next to her house. “Many children play in the park daily, so the ward office should explain the situation”… officials probed the park Wednesday and detected 2.53 microsieverts per hour… Based on advice from the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the ward surveyed the area again on Thursday and detected 480 microsieverts.

Reuters, Apr 24, 2015: [This is] reviving concerns about nuclear contamination four years after the Fukushima disaster… It was not immediately clear why radiation levels were high in the park, which opened two years after the 2011 disaster… “We are still checking what caused these elevated radiation levels and what type of radioactive substance it is”… after the nuclear meltdowns, concerned parents and citizens began measuring radiation levels in Tokyo.

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