Drones Undone: Media eyes open after 2 Western hostages killed in CIA op

TDC Note – Lies, propaganda and pure bullish*t coming from Washington DC. But we have come to expect nothing less. 960 people killed by drones in the last 10 years. College kids playing video games and innocent people die, real people die. Never forget “…they hate us for our freedom…” OR could it be they hate us for killing their families for no reason without apology, sympathy nor, in most cases, recognizing something went wrong. from RT The White House is under pressure to disclose the full details of events that led to the death of two Western hostages in a US drone strike on al-Qaeda in Pakistan. President Obama revealed that American and Italian captives were accidentally killed in the CIA operation. This is far from the first time civilians have become casualties of the War on Terror – Gayane Chichikyan looks at some of the stories that receive less media attention.

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