Protect Yourself With Hard Assets: “You Can’t Trust Any Of These Currencies… Or The People Who Run Them”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan

While the majority of Americans see absolutely nothing wrong with the trajectory of our economy or the U.S. dollar, there’s one libertarian economist who says that the people in charge just can’t be trusted. Jayant Bhandari is a senior analyst at Anarcho Capital and he is well versed in the political and economic machinations taking place around the world.

In his latest interview with Future Money Trends, Bhandari shares a wealth of information from his dealings in countries that include the United States, Canada, China, and India. As he explains, you need to be positioning yourself in hard assets as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

His reasoning is quite simple – we absolutely cannot trust the people in charge of our currency and economic systems:

You cannot really trust any of these currencies. These are fiat currencies. They are made of paper. And you cannot really trust what the people who run these currency systems will do tomorrow morning.

For those concerned with what the regulators and money changers might do, consider taking the advice he shares in the interview below and start looking at hard asset investing as the only option to prevent paper currencies from wiping out your personal wealth.

So how can you trust any of these currencies? The reason I think the dollar has performed everything else is because of the fact that everything else is falling apart faster than America is falling apart. And that is why I think people are moving to American dollars.

But eventually they will realize that the American dollar is way over priced today and they have to take their money elsewhere to protect it and get some yield.

I think all of these currencies are extremely risky. I don’t believe in keeping any of my money in these fiat currencies.

As you may have guessed, Bhandari looks to assets that will have maintain or grow their value as un-backed paper currencies continue to depreciate on a global scale.

I tell my family and people to keep as much of their money in gold. As much as possible. It’s what I think will protect them the most going forward.

But physical gold is just part of the strategy. As you’ll hear in the interview Bhandari has a healthy asset diversification in countries that still protect property rights, including well managed mining companies.

While those in charge of our currency systems play with exchange rates and inject trillions of dollars to keep the system afloat, those who understand the end-game are moving into assets that will still be worth something when global paper currency schemes crumble.


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