Ukraine Update from Batchelor and Cohen

from TFMetals Report Sorry for the delay in getting this posted today. Apparently some issues at my podcast server company. But all is well now and I urge you to carve out some time today to listen to this very important update from JB and Professor Cohen. Some of the major points covered: The threat poised by the deployment of US Patriot missile systems in Poland and elsewhere The push by NATO to include cyberattacks as “attacks vs all”, worthy of NATO response The ongoing US troop buildup in the Baltic states as well as Poland AND Ukraine The training being performed by these troops for what are clearly neo-nazi and fascist elements in Ukraine Recent inflammatory statements by US generals Hodges and Breedlove The recent spate of NINE political assassination within Ukraine This situation should gravely concern you as any restart of hostilities will very likely lead to an immediate and widening conflict between US/NATO and Russia. DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS. TF AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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