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It’s Playing Out much as I’d Thought

It is becoming more evident by the day, that the end of the road has just about been reached in Greece.  Several months ago, I wrote about the election of Syriza in Greece being a game changer for European nations, and the EU project in particular.  It seemed to me then, that it wasn’t just the rhetoric of Syriza(especially its financial minister, Varoufakis) that was an utterly different strain….but their strategy itself which indicated that this wasn’t just politics as usual. Whether one agrees with them or not, these folks really mean many of the things they say.

Recently though, the government in Athens has been in quite a pinch, cashwise.  In fact, early April’s IMF payment was particularly a close call, as they owed roughly half a billion dollars in one lump sum.  However, after “borrowing” everything not nailed down(including pension funds), they made that large IMF payment….barely.

“Ya see, Watchman? Everyone freaked out over the April 9th IMF payment, but Greece paid its creditors on time, and there’s nothing else to worry about!”

Really?  You think so?  Then there’s the slightest possibility you’ll wanna take a look at this…


That, my friend, is what we call, “running the gauntlet”!  

I mean, good grief!  Just when one debt blow is averted, two more colossal blows come from behind!

Let’s put it this way: if this ugly line of payments was a 4 course meal, then April’s payments are just the appetizer and salad!  May is really the main course, and June is dessert!

Now that things are coming to a head, the government in Athens is attempting to put in some capital control measures, to try to centralize the nation’s banking funds.  The ECB and Troika in response, are busy putting the final icing on their majestic “Mistake Cake”, as they tighten the screws on collateral rules in Greece.

In other words, the end of the line is here, a historic decision must be made, and soon.

The Greek banking system is out of funds, and all other options within the EU have been exhausted for Athens.  I guess it’s time for Syriza to call it a day, accept whatever horrific terms the Troika draws up for them, and resign themselves to being a fate of being a provincial outpost of Brussels, right?


The Ace Card

Notice that I merely said “all options within the EU”, because there are a growing number of options outside of it.  You may remember that 10 weeks ago, I wrote a piece about Greece’s “wild card”, which Brussels was very nervous about.

That wild card question was this:

What scenarios, agreements, or treaties have been discussed or drawn up between Greece and Russia?

Well, we’ve now begun to have some answers to that all-important question, brothers…and they are game-changers!

I’ve always believed that the hard rhetoric of Syriza wasn’t just tough talk, but that their confidence stemmed from their preparations they’d been making with Russia for years.  This is why the hardline strategy of Brussels and Germany has come up so short in the Greek talks, and why DC’s hardline strategy of Russian sanctions has failed:

The countries of earth now have multiple financing options.  The IMF and DC are no longer the only places where they can turn to for solutions!

In fact, it is now very likely that Moscow will offer over 5 billion dollars worth of advance payments to Greece, in exchange for greenlighting Russian natural gas pipelines through its country!

Why Russia Might Consider the Advance

“Watchman, I don’t get it, why would Russia give Athens a 5 billion dollar advance payment?  Isn’t that just throwing good money after bad at this point?”

Noooooo, friend, it isn’t at all.  Let me explain.

If they give the advance payment to Greece, Greece will use it to meet the next 2 months’ worth of crucial debt installments.  While Greece’s larger debt problem would still be there, this would still set off a likely chain reaction of events:

1)Firstly, the “Turk Stream” gas pipeline will be a lock.   A transit line, which would guarantee Russian energy hegemony and dominance, would keep Europe on the hook to Russian gas, and would ensure constant streams of income from Europe for decades to come.

2) Russia would gain yet another valuable ally within the EU, to counter any future progress on sanctions against it.  Syriza already gave the EU some difficulty over this issue in their last meeting(likely a shot across the bow).  An agreement to veto or block any future aggression against Russia, could be part of the agreement.

3) Russia would gain a valuable trade partner, as they import a great deal of agricultural produce from the Peloponnese.  Do you think that that Greeks, who now trust Moscow more than Brussels, have been looking longingly at a membership within a trade bloc like the Eurasian Economic Union? You know they have.

Yes, all this is good, but there’s something else even more valuable than all that which Russia would get.  Two months ago, I was the first person(and almost the sole person) to bring up a consideration that no one else considered: the religious consideration.

Remember, I predicted that the real, hidden danger to Brussels was that Moscow would use the obstinate actions of the Troika, to drive a wedge between Catholic Europe, and Orthodox Europe.

That, my friends, was always, always the biggest threat……and bless me, if that’s not exactly what’s happened!

If Russia extends this advance payment, they would finally have an influential foothold, within the Orthodox Christian community, in a geo-strategically important space on the European mainland!

We already know that Greece and Russia have been in talks about establishing a military base within the Greek islands.  For crying out loud, if that wasn’t enough, there is now even talk of Russia providing Greece with S-300 missile systems!  This is the extent to which Greece distrusts NATO and Brussels.

“Watchman, isn’t that going a bit too far? I mean the thought that NATO or Europe would bomb a European country for taking a different approach is beyond the pale!”

Brother, tell that to the Orthodox Serbs, whose lands NATO viciously bombed and partitioned during those “peaceful Clinton years”! 

Believe me, this left a quite a bitter taste within the Orthodox world, and they still hold it against NATO and DC to this day.  Greece knows NATO is treacherous and murderous, and both they and Moscow are keen to keep another “Belgrade Bombing” from ever repeating.

Putin’s job in all this has been wayyyyyy too easy, as all he’s had to do is sit back, and let the banksters do all his work for him.  As of late, he’s become quite active though in stepping and creating a longterm, symbiotic relationship with Orthodox countries, and his latest details of this plan takes the cake.

Take a look at this:

Greek debt 2

Do you see that brothers?  That picture is an inspired move!

Putin is doing what I thought he’d do: he’s keeping the proposed line for “Turk Stream” entirely within the Orthodox heartland of Europe for as long as possible.  This line would cut through Serbia and Macedonia, and reach all the way up into central Europe, and connect with Russia’s key new strategic partner: Hungary!


This would reunite Russia and Orthodox Europe in ways that would’ve been unimaginable 20 years ago.  All this will increase Eurasia’s foothold in Europe, and diminish the influence of DC and Brussels.

And to think….all this and more can be acquired for a measly investment of 5 billion bucks! It would be the deal of a lifetime for both Moscow and Athens.  There’s no question Moscow wants to do this, but at this point, it’s really up to Athens.

Oh!  There is one more important thing that this 5 billion dollar advance payment would buy both China and Russia: time!

Remember, if Greece refuses to back down, and “defaults within the EU”, a strategy that Varoufakis laid out in disturbingly interesting detail several years ago…then Europe’s banking system is toast, as credit default swap payouts will be triggered.

When that occurs, the banking system in Europe may have mere weeks left….and then that chaos will spread here to the States.

In other words, a Grexit spells the likely end of the world monetary system.  The question left is:

Are China and Russia “ready” for this to occur yet?  

Do they have all the gold reserves they want?  Is their alternate SWIFT system ready for primetime? Have they forged the treaties and alliances they want? Have they adequately reduced their exposure to US Dollars?

Brothers, I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I bring them up, because if the BRICS aren’t yet ready for the Reset to occur, every month they can buy for a few billion dollars is invaluable to them.


The growing “pivot to Russia” is becoming a stronger reality each day.  The geniuses in Brussels had dreams of establishing a political union atop a monetary one(the latter being established as a honey trap to establish the former).  They dreamed of a “United States of Europe”, and overran the wills of sovereign peoples in several nations to bring it this far.  However, the arrogant manner in which the Troika has dictated to Greece, has ensured that the battle for Greek hearts and minds has been lost.

There were never any good options for Brussels here, but refusing to budge even the slightest bit on Greek debt amounts and repayments was the worst move they could have possibly made.

These blunders aren’t just big, they’re history-altering.

The scenario I predicted, of a growing influence of Moscow within the European, Orthodox world is really taking off.   Why wouldn’t it though?  Europe has been cruel to the Orthodox world for decades.  From the NATO bombing and partitioning of Serbia, to Cypriot bail-ins, to hard-liner austerity in Greece, to threats and pressure on Bulgaria to kill off South Stream….everything the West has done….has driven the entire Orthodox world back into Russia’s arms….and more importantly…

Has brought the great Eurasian dream one step closer to its eventual reality.

The Brussels line, of “Pay us or get out”…has failed.  

Everyone in DC and the EU has continued to act as if they’re the only game in town.

Not only are they not the only game in town, but they’re the lamest game in town.  Brussels continues to offer the Greeks humiliation, austerity, and hopelessness.

Whereas Moscow is offering trade, military treaties, gas transit income, and gas price reductions.

Guess which one is winning?

Greece has been forced to cough up or auction off vast amounts of its cultural treasures and assets. They’re on the cusp of making a historic turning toward parts East.  When and if they do…every Orthodox nation will follow their lead.

Brussels has everything to lose, whereas Athens has already lost everything.  Whether Greece defaults or leaves the EU, every scenario will now benefit the BRICS and Eurasia, and hurt Europe’s banksters.

For 5 years, the Troika has bled every drop they could from Greece.  That process has been self-defeating, and now Greece’s cash reserves have gone stone dry.  Yet, remarkably, the Troika continues to want more blood!

Someone shoulda reminded the banksters…

You can’t get blood from a stone.

Greek debt 3

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