Harvey Organ: Euribor Goes NEGATIVE For the First Time EVER!!

by Harvey Organ, Silver Doctors Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen: Here are the following closes for gold and silver today: Gold: $1202.90 down $9.40 (comex closing time) Silver: $16.00 up 12 cents (comex closing time) In the access market 5:15 pm Gold $1202.30 Silver: $16.03 Following is a brief outline on gold and silver comex figures for today: At the gold comex today, we surprisingly had a good delivery day, registering 659 notices served for 65,900 oz. Silver comex filed with 0 notices for nil oz . Several months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today the total inventory rests at 241.72 tonnes for a loss of 61 tonnes over that period. Lately the removals have been rising! end In silver, the open interest rose by another 2761 contracts despite the fact that Monday’s silver price down by 34 cents. The total silver OI continues to remain extremely high with today’s reading at 179,707 contracts rising to multi-year record highs. The front April month has an OI of 172 contracts for a gain of 0 contracts. We are now at multi year high in the total OI complex despite a record low price. This dichotomy has been happening now for quite a while and defies logic. There is no doubt that the silver situation is scaring our bankers to no end. We had 0 notices served upon for nil oz. In gold, the total comex gold OI rests tonight at 398,518 for a gain of 322 contracts with gold down by $9.40 yesterday. We had 659 notices served upon for 65,900 oz. Today, we had a huge addition of 3.26 tonnes of gold inventory at the GLD/ Gold Inventory rests at 742.35 tonnes Looks to me like London is out of gold. In silver, / /we had a huge addition of 1.434 million oz in silver inventory at the SLV/ and thus the inventory tonight is 326.334 million oz We have a few important stories to bring to your attention today… 1. Today we had the open interest in silver rise by a huge 2761, contracts despite the fall in price on Monday (34 cents). Not only that but the OI for the front month of May fell by only 766 contracts as we have only 7 trading days left before first day notice. The OI for gold rose by 322 contracts up to 398,518 contracts despite the fact that the price of gold fell by $9.40 on Monday. (report Harvey) 2,Many important commentaries on Greece i. The ECB is threatening Greece that they will cut off his emergency life-line: its ELA as more citizens remove Euros from the banking system. ii. Even the White House is getting nervous about a GREXIT and it’s deleterious effects on the world’s economy. iii. Russia and Greece to sign a historic gas pipeline deal. The Blue stream pipeline will now go through Greece bypassing Bulgaria and onto Austria Continue Reading>>>

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