This Mexican Town Is A Silverbug’s Dream Vacation

by Justin O’Connell, MexResorts Mexico has a long history of mining silver, and in many parts of Mexico, this important history is celebrated and remembered. In fact, many have even posited that Mexico is looking to back the peso with silver or incorporate silver in some other way into their monetary system. Hugo Salinas Price has pushed for a re-monetization of silver in Mexico for numerous years. He is the founder of Mexico’s Elektra retail chain, Azteca Bank and a multi-billionaire. Mr. Salinas Price’ idea is to create a silver coin through the monetary authority sans engraved monetary value, and for that authority to give that coin a monetary value through a quote related to the silver value of the coin. Mexico has historically been a very well-known silver producing region, as much of its historical wealth has been gained through silver mining. Salinas Price believes the idea has a chance. “Take just three or four men out of the ‘anti’ group,” says Hugo Salinas Price, a Mexican multi-billionaire and the man behind the monetary push, “and we could practically get a unanimous ‘yes’ vote in both houses.” Mexico Silver As the largest silver producer in the world, Mexico has been working closely with China on economic matters as China becomes joins the largest purchasers of gold worldwide. To alleviate demand, mining of Mexico’s silver supply has increased over the last decade. The Mexican government produces one of the more important silver coins available to the global market, in the form of the Mexican libertad, which is very popular in the United States. Silver Tourism In Mexico Taxco, Mexico is a major silver town in Mexico, where silver has been both mined and crafted into jewelry, silverware and other items, for centuries. It is this history of silver that has made Taxco a tourist destination, even as the only major mining operation winds down operations. The city is considered one of Mexico’s ““Pueblos Mágicos” (Magical Towns) thanks to the quality of the silverwork, the colonial constructions and the surrounding scenery. An American actually made the city’s silver history popular again in the 1920s, who created silver design workshops and exported items to the United States. Commerce in Taxco is not only regional, but international as well. While in Taxco, be sure to enjoy streets lined with silver shops selling jewelry, silverware and the long history of silver mining by some of the world’s top silversmiths. At Plaza Borda, one can visit the Silversmith Museum (Museo de la Plateria). Taxco is an ancient mining town in the northern part of the State of Guerrero, and just happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The town is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains, and its historical past is a draw for tourists. Taxco was one of the most important mining areas in the empire of New Spain, and you can find stores where locally-produced silver jewelry is sold, from high-quality earrings, necklaces, cufflinks to other silver creations. Getting to know this silver town is easy, once you’re there. The colonial town features many workshops where silver is worked nestled between picturesque mountains. In the town’s center stands the Parish of Santa Prisca, an extravagant baroque church from the eighteenth century, which is the premiere religious symbol. Justin O’Connell is an independent researcher for MexResorts on US-Mexico affairs located in the Tijuana-San Diego region.

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