US Nuclear Power Plant Locations & Live Wind Flow Map For ‘Fallout’

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If there is ever a nuclear power plant disaster or meltdown in the United States, the following map of their locations compared with a live wind flow map (direction and relative strength) will enable you to quickly determine your downwind risk from radioactive fallout effects.

You can zoom in or out (mouse wheel),
or click on a spot for wind location detail, or click and drag to other areas.


The map shown above illustrates the location of all the operating nuclear power plants in the United States (I believe there are 104), and I have added a 50 mile radius (100 mile diameter) circle around each one.

I’ve chosen a 50-mile radius as a distance factor, given that generally any radioactive fallout will dissipate according to the inverse-square-law. A key factor though are the wind patterns which WILL affect the distribution, which is why I’ve also embedded a live wind map of the United States. That said, IF fallout gets into the upper atmosphere (e.g. major explosion) then the radioactive particles will begin to distribute widely and will follow upper level wind patterns.

The embedded Live wind map is sourced from


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