DROUGHT, AGENDA 21 & GENOCIDE: A Dome Of Deceit — Harley Schlanger

from SGT Report.com:

Harley Schlanger, Historian and National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC joins us to decipher all the latest fascist tyranny in the “Land of the free”.

On the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: “Obama drew a line in the sand and said to our allies, “You must not join the AIIB.” And one by one our allies have turned their back on him.

On the California Drought: “This IS a form of population reduction. Jerry Brown stated last week the nature of California can sustain only 300,000 – 500,000 people. Now you’ve got 39 million people in that state, what’s going to happen to the other 38.5 million? This is a genocide waiting to happen.

On Jeb VS. Hillary 2016: “These two candidate represent everything that is terrible about the last two decades in the United States. And yet they’re being portrayed as inevitable.

On American populace: “Americans are CLUELESS on these broader issues.”

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