Sugar Pine Mine Co-Owner Explains Position Versus BLM And Gold Rush TV Star “Dakota Fred” Visits Miners – Eric Dubin

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors

Medford, Oregon based ABC affiliate KDRV Newswatch 12 television interviewed Rick Barclay, co-owner of the Sugar Pine Mine and the president of the Galice Mining District.  Speaking with reporter Ashley Hall during a 4-plus minute interview, Mr. Barclay provided his take on the BLM’s actions.

“It’s a basic property rights issue of someone claiming ownership of land that they can’t provide documentation that they have (the) right to control,” said Mr. Barclay.  “It would be like someone came into your house saying, ‘This is mine now;  you’ve got 14 days to take your house out and 30 days to take down your fences and everything you own’ and the average person is going to say, ‘Well, where’s your proof?’”

The BLM maintains the mine claim does not include surface rights, making the operation illegal.  However, under the 1955 Surface Resources Act, mining claims with an unbroken chain of title that predate July 23, 1955 have surface rights unless rights were relinquished by the owner, or conveyed back to the government as outlined under the Act.  Barclay and the Galice Mining District have documented an unbroken chain of title.

In response to BLM demands, Barclay and the Galice Mining District have requested the BLM to provide evidence.  To date, the BLM has responded only with cease and desist orders.

Additional context on the miners’ position is now available at their official blog.  Click here for TND’s story about the launch of the blog and related TND coverage.

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