Iran Nuke Deal or No Deal, Russia Threatens Nuke War, 0% GDP Growth, California Drought

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog Looks like the U.S. and the rest of the major countries negotiating with Iran have a framework for a deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. Let’s not call it a real deal. Why? Because this is only a so-called “framework,” and lots has to be agreed upon before it’s a real deal. There are two big problems: they are inspections of known and unknown sites, and Iran doesn’t have to dismantle any of its nuclear facilities. According to the Obama Administration, there is a so-called “fact sheet” laying out some of the main points describing what the Iranians will give up. Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister negotiating the deal, refuted what Obama announced and called what he said “spin.” Zarif tweeted out: “The solutions are good for all, as they stand. . . . There is no need to spin using ‘fact sheets’ so early on.” The President also said the sanctions would be lifted “gradually” as the Iranians complied with the agreement. The Iranian Foreign Minister disputed that by giving another tweet that said, “US will cease the application of ALL nuclear-related secondary economic and financial sanctions.’ Is this gradual?” The Foreign Minister also said that the deal would not “scale back Iran’s program,” which is what Iran has been saying all along. The Iranians have been extremely consistent. The Iranians have basically accused the White House of lying about the deal. So, deal or no deal is the question. This is all supposed to be finalized by June 30th, and I can’t see how that is going to happen. Reaction to this so-called deal from Israel and newly elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very negative. Netanyahu said, “A deal based on this framework would threaten the survival of Israel.” He also said, “It would increase the risks of nuclear proliferation and the risks of a horrific war.” Also, a top Iranian General, just this week, said, “Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable.” Please keep in mind, he said this while negotiations were going on to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. My question is why did he think he could say this in the middle of sensitive negotiations? This kind of talk clearly shows a wider war in the Middle East is on the way. Continue Reading>>>

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