‘Jade Helm 15′ Military Drill

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

The upcoming “Jade Helm 15 – Master the Human Domain” ‘domestic’ military drill has created a storm of controversy all over the internet, and for good reason. There are LOTS of questions surrounding the motives and details of the exercise which is doing more than just raising a few eyebrows.

Operation Jade Helm 15 will commence July-15 (until September-15) in the American southwest (as in, all of it) (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado) and is a ‘domestic’ military training exercise which some say may violate the Posse Comitatus Act (while others say it technically does not).

The ‘drill’ apparently has the military working in acceptance of, or some cooperation with, state-county-local domestic law enforcement agencies and will include Special Operations Command, the special forces of the military services, the 82nd Airborne, elements of Marine Expeditionary Unit(s), and interagency partners, which refers to other departments and agencies of the federal government, including – reportedly – the FBI and DEA.

Never before has such a drill of this apparent scope and magnitude occurred on US soil, and while military training exercises happen all the time, and while many or most of them are unknown to the public, this drill has a purpose – Training has purpose. The only reason you would train on this scale and in this place, is to evaluate you operational abilities in an English speaking, Western environment

Click image to enlarge jade helm war preparedness According to one veteran, “Having been in the military for 10 years with half of that in Special Ops, you only train FOR and WHERE you will be used.” “There is no other country in the world like ours, so training in our cities and towns will NOT prepare them for actually training else where…”

You don’t have to wear a tinfoil hat to find that troubling.

It appears that the millions of acres reserved for Military training is suddenly insufficient, while the military now has to expand into the civilian areas. When a military “training exercise” is spread out in so many states, and into the civilian population, it’s likely for a reason yet untold.

The military exercises are going to take place in civilian areas, not on military bases.

A primary purpose of Jade Helm is to test (train) their abilities to infiltrate, go undetected, blend in with a civilian local environment without blowing their cover – all with the intent (goal) to garner trust and intelligence (on the inside) of a insurgency or uprising.

In a document related to the exercise, Texas and Utah (and a portion of southern California) are labeled “hostile” territory where apparently military personnel will be inserted to ‘infiltrate’ hypothetical civilian insurgent groups in various regions.

Apparently at least 17 Texas cities will see an Army presence as part of the exercise, which will involve, “participants in civilian dress and civilian vehicles, military aircraft, low-altitude airdrops of personnel and weapons with blank rounds, to avert fearful reactions”.

Sourced from a report (Paul Joseph Watson), the Texas locations include Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria.

It is said that ‘role players’ will be participating in Jade Helm. In fact, apparently “Some individuals (i.e. civilian insurgents) may conduct suspicious activities…..” One wonders what will be these “suspicious activities” – perhaps people being extracted to a detention center, a FEMA camp? I suppose they could be just about anything to do with guerrilla warfare tactics with a civilian insurgent resistance (against a tyrannical force?) – but fear not, apparently the military will be using ‘fake’ bullets during the exercise.

There are lots more details of additional apparent aspects of this drill all around the alt-news circuit and blogosphere – and I’m not going to simply repeat all that here. However in view of the mistrust the population has of this Administration, it is not surprising to see how this story has exploded. Some are saying that by inserting Military personnel in the middle of all these states that it’s a dry run (training) for the upcoming collapse and subsequent uprising, civil war, and/or Martial law. Is it simply tin-foil-hat or conspiracy to contemplate or ask questions about motivations and purposes for such a ground-breaking exercise?

“So whats the big deal?”

The scope of this exercise is troubling. These are troubling times for the citizens of the USA.

And by the way, what in the world does ‘Jade Helm‘ slogan “Master the Human Domain” mean?

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