How Many Rolls Of Toilet Paper Do You Use Every Week?

TDC Note – If you not done this exercise already you should. Not only for this product but for everything you use! We write dates on items when we open them so we can get an idea of how long a particular product will last and when replenishing adjust the numbers to the upside, just in case!! by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

Don’t laugh! Toilet paper is an essential preparedness item, yes? While so many of us who are preparedness-conscious will procure all sorts of extra food for our food storage, how many have figured out how much toilet paper they might go through in a week – and then store ahead say, 3 months or one year? Have you stored TP?

Participate in our anonymous online poll to contribute your input and discover the average amount of toilet paper that other people go through…

As more people enter the poll, check back to discover the developing average number of rolls of toilet paper per week. Then decide how much you might consider to store ahead for yourself.

When toilet paper goes on sale, this is when I might purchase a quantity to add to my stack. Would not want to run out of this during a post-collapse world!


How Much Toilet Paper Do You Use Each Week?

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Based on your toilet paper usage per week, the following table will indicate how many rolls you will need to store ahead for three months or one year.

Rolls of Toilet Paper

1 Week
3 Months
1 Year
1 12 52
2 24 104
3 36 156
4 48 208
5 60 260
6 72 312
7 84 364
8 96 416
9 108 468
10 120 520

Remember, you will have to multiply your results for each member of the household!

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