Netanyahu & Coming War, Fed Confusion, Drought in West

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog The big story this week is the election win of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, and the implications for the Middle East. I predicted that the meddling Obama supporters were doing in Israel would backfire, and it did–big time. Netanyahu won, so now what? A Palestinian peace deal has moved to a back burner. Some in the press have reported Netanyahu has cancelled the so-called two state solution to form a Palestinian state. That is not really accurate. Netanyahu said that “under prevailing conditions” the two state peace deal in not going to get done. What are the “prevailing conditions”? The peace negotiation broke off nearly a year ago. There is also increased violence, and major disagreements between Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) continue to get worse, not better. Hamas and the PA are now aligned politically. The bottom line is look for more unrest and even more violence both inside and outside the borders of Israel. There is also talk of the Obama Administration going to the U.N. to try to push the two state deal. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is pushing to get a deal done with Iran to curtail its nuclear program that it has repeatedly said is for the peaceful production of energy. Israel isn’t buying it and says the Obama deal will allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. The Obama Administration has not fully and publicly disclosed the deal. Some think that, too, will be something the Obama Administration will take directly to the U.N. and bypass Congress. It is not just Israel that is concerned, many in the U.S. and in the Arab world are also worried about a nuclear arms race heating up in the Middle East. I read this week that Secretary of State John Kerry was quoted as saying, “The Iranians have lived up to their part of the interim agreement . . . made more than a year ago.” My question is how does he know that? Are there inspectors in Iran? Do they have access to every nuclear site both known and unknown? Last month, Kerry admitted to Congress that there were secret Iranian nuke sites. This is looking like the Obama Administration is going to cut a deal with Iran no matter what. Look for the deadline at the end of this month to be pushed back—again. Continue Reading>>>

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