Our DISTORTED FASCIST Economic Reality is Dire — Gregory Mannarino

from SGTReport.com Gregory Mannarino from Trader’s Choice joins me to shine a very bright light on our DISTORTED and FASCIST economic reality, which at this point, even for those who still have decent jobs, is very dire. We are living in a FEAR based economy where workers are either scared they are going to lose their jobs, or terrified because they already have. Meanwhile, the Pentagon coffers are flush with more than .50 cents from every tax dollar collected, while Wall Street enjoys $172,000 bonus checks. As Gregory aptly puts it, “it’s game over’ for the US economy. If you dear reader are still gainfully employed, God Bless, but please prepare for what may be coming. And if you are one of the MILLIONS who is now unemployed or underemployed, double God Bless. We are all in this mess together.

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