Wondering Why Our Country Is In Trouble? Look No Further

TDC Note – This is why we prep. by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper Houston, we have a problem. Did you ever wonder why America is in trouble? Maybe it is because people like this vote and select political leaders. This video brings up a valid argument for voters to be tested before they are allowed at the polls. Facepalm. When you see the “manon the street” interviews like this, you always have to valiantly hope these folks are actors, but I have a terrible, sneaking suspicion that they are for real. Hey, at least that lady is on Marcus’s side. It has to be difficult to be the son of the president and have such a hullabaloo over your privates. These, my friends, are the textbook definition of “sheeple”, if the word actually appeared in a textbook. Have no doubt that they probably know who won the World Series and the Superbowl, and perhaps even the scores of those vitally important matches. I’m sure their grasp of Kardashian trivia is far better than mine, since I have absolutely no interest in “keeping up with them”. Events of vital importance are occurring in the world around us – events that will foretell our future if people would only pay attention. Unfortunately, it seems only a few of us can see the writing on the wall, and that real information is difficult to acquire. This video is a direct reflection of both our failing education system and the fact that most of the airwaves are taken up with what currently passes for “entertainment”. People can tell you all about the latest “reality” stars, but very little about actual reality.

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