One Ounce of Gold Could Save Your Life

from Grams Gold A number of studies have come out and shown that the central banks around the world are in complete control of the price of gold. It’s not a free market, whatsoever. It’s set at a price that the central banks want it to be. soldier saving life Gold used to actually track the debt. As debt expanded, the gold price would rise with that debt, but that’s stopped, because they’ve shut down free gold trade. But does it matter, because at some point when the debt blows up, gold will just catch up in one day. You’ll see gold suddently at $5,000 ounce one day,” says Max Keiser in an interview with Investment Director Ned Naylor-Leyland. “Central banks and governments have bought 477 tons of gold in 2014. The World Gold Council expects the same for 2015. The price isn’t responding because of what we just mentioned.” Leyland comments,” Anywhere east of Istanbul, central banks are accumulating. In the West, in the US and UK, they are trying to manage the price in the electronic obligation market. In Europe they are trying to repatriate, and then east of that, they’re trying to accumulate.

Gold is the best systemic hedge, probably the only systemic hedge. We are going to get an RMB denominated gold fix and Reuters has announced that this is coming this year. “Once the situation starts unraveling, it could happen very quickly. Gold is trading at $1,100 an ounce and then we’ll wake up one day and it will be 5 or $6,000 an ounce.”

We are going to get a renminbi-denominated gold fix and Reuters has announced that this is coming this year. Both through this movement of the physical market to China and this change in the fix, but also in terms of this new global trading platform which is emerging in the backround, you’ll be able to trade in large volumes without going through the LBMA.” 

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