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The Morale of the Troops

Last weekend, I listened to an engaging interview on silverdoctors.com, that really got my attention.  It wasn’t so much what was said, but how it was said.  The guest(long-time truth warrior, and GATA member) Bill Murphy sounded resolved, but downcast, and the whole tone of the exchange sounded much the same way.

In that interview, which can be found here, it was revealed just how bad the sentiment in the stacking community has become in the last few weeks and months.  The Doc revealed that some customers who’d placed orders, had turned right around, and called them to ask to sell that same bullion back to him before it had even been shipped.  They did this because they felt certain that silver would soon be able to be bought at several dollars lower.

The Doc said he’d never seen this before at his shop.  I believe him.

Recently I’ve seen many folks reach the point with price action where they’re not just losing faith…

They’re getting angry, and I don’t blame them for that.

Some of those same folks are getting “itchy”….they’re getting antsy, looking at fresh Dow Jones highs, that they’re not taking part in.

If that was all that was happening though, that would be bad enough, but that’s not all that’s happening…

These folks have had to watch the Dow continue on to greater heights for the last 4 years….while the silver or gold they’ve owned, has gone to deeper lows(at least in dollar terms)…..for 4 years!

Talk about Chinese water torture!  The effect it is having now is becoming quite pronounced.

Many of them look at the Dow Jones, and have begun to think:

“What’s the use?  Why even fight the banks, or at least be in a place they frown upon? I’ve missed out on an 8,000 point swing in the Dow these past few years, maybe that’s where I should be!”

I know to some that seems to make sense, but I hope you hear me when I say that at this point brothers…”switching and pitching” your position from metals to stocks right now is the worst possible thing that could be done at the worst possible time.

I know when some folks see Dow 18,000, they’re scared of “missing the ride”, and a few out there may be switching their positions even as I type…I understand their misgivings and emotions.

They think they’re being smart about this…

They think they’re being prudent…

They think they’ll be shielded from more pain…

But ya know what they’re really being?

They are being played.

Let me explain.

The Real Reason I got Into Blogging

The reason I decided to start this site last year, is that sometime after the smackdown in March 2013 it just hit me: this was not the normal, run-of-the-mill downtrend in precious metals.  

Something different and sinister was going on.

As I’ve previously written, I do believe that the rigging game changed after the U.S. lost their AAA credit rating.  The evidence of that changed game is still apparent to this day, but there’s another layer to all this, I believe.

BrotherJohnF, in his excellent videos, once stated something several years ago that caught my attention, and he recently repeated it.  That was this:

The banking elites are likely pulling off a “long-con”, where they’re actively herding as much of the wealth of the world’s masses into easily-confiscated, paper and digital assets as possible.

He used the metaphor of a movie theatre, where the folks who owned the facility, were actively herding audience members to their seats….while they quietly barred all the doors!  Only after everyone was inside, and the exits were all locked, would those same banking elites…

Yell, “FIRE!”.  

Only then would they admit to everyone that they were all in grave danger all along.  At that point, there would be no escape for the wealth of anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time. They and their capital would be trapped, with no chance of escape.

I’ve thought about that long and hard, and I believe he’s right.

Since 2009, the operation to fool the masses into believing we were all “in the clear” has kicked into surreal overdrive.  The Fed, ECB, BOJ, and other central banks around the world, have printed many trillions of dollars, and funneled them into “staple”, “safe”, mainstream things….like housing, bonds, and even equities.

Especially equities!  It doesn’t matter either, whether it’s a simple run-of-the-mill general investment account, or in a 401k or IRA either!  In fact, if you put more funds into that “untouchable” retirement account, all the better in their eyes!

Think that retirement account of yours is safe, nestled snugly in all those digital assets?  That’s nice!

President Obama has said he has plans to keep your IRA nice and cozy from all those shysters, so you’ve gotta be safe, right? lol

If you believe a word of that tripe, then they’ve got you dead in their sights.

After all, that IRA, that 401k sitting there in those “approved” stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds, is one signature away from total confiscation.

That bank account(or even safety deposit box), as Cypriots discovered, is just one ugly weekend away, from being made totally inaccessible.

Nevertheless, despite all the warning signs, despite all the theft of the past 5 years…the banksters’ plan to herd the sheep into the pen seems to be working.  As the Dow & S&P have climbed almost without respite, consumer confidence is at levels that cannot be justified by any metric, and any and all investor caution seems to have been thrown to the wind.

Despite all that(or perhaps, because of it), I remain convinced that one train of thought I’d had, which helped spur me to start this site, holds more water than ever:

If BrotherJohn’s theory about the elite’s attempting to herd the masses into the easily confiscated assets until the bitter end(ie banking and retirement accounts, equity accounts) is true….then it would seem precious metals would also have to be a part of this plan.

That’s an educated guess, a presupposition which I founded this site upon: the notion that the current precious metal downtrend we’re in, is an indispensable part of the last, great “long-con”.

Ask yourself this question:

How would any such plan to make the Western masses feel safe succeed, without including gold and silver in that plan?

If the intent was to try to catch as many as possible “off guard” and “off-sides”, in order to make as many as possible beg for them to jump-start a new digital/paper ponzi system on the other side…then:

Every true escape-hatch would have to be “disguised”…

Every alarm bell would have to be silenced…

Every hint of trouble would have to be muffled…

Until it was time to pull the plug.

“What are you saying here, Watchman?”

I’m saying that if this is true, then in the elites’ eyes, the masses must not have a single inkling of what is transpiring, and what the end game is, because if that is the game plan, and if there’s even one alarm bell ringing, like, say a spiking silver and gold price, then too many sheep would turn around and leave the pen.

Too much wealth would escape, and the plan wouldn’t work.

I’ll take it a step further though: if that is truly what’s going on, then the divergent price action between general equities and precious metals would have to continue to be counter-intuitive for whatever length of time the system has left.  Gold and silver’s downtrend and “doldrums” would have to be maintained so long as the system is, more or less, still functional.

And if that is true, then we can likely expect the system to be allowed to come apart at roughly the same time/price that this silver and gold downtrend can no longer be sustained.

So, what I’m saying here, is that the paper prices for gold and silver could be the most important clue to us stackers as to how much time the system actually has left.  Meaning, it’s possible that the lower it goes(which will result in either a delivery default or a ludicrously large, Comex price spike), the shorter the time-span remaining for this criminal system.

It’s Not Done

If that’s not what you wanted to hear, that’s ok, because I didn’t start this site to tell people what I think they wanted to hear.  I started it in order to boldly tell truths in the best way that I knew how. To tell folks to plant their heels, and dig in for a long, hard battle….a battle we would eventually win! We will win this fight, but we have more fighting and more stacking to do first.

If you’re looking for me to say that this game being played on you and others is over, that the bottom is in, and that we’re moving on to new highs in precious metals soon, you’re going to be disappointed.  The bottom could very well be in, but I’m not operating on the assumption that there will be a “bottom” on this side of the Event which causes the collapse.

This Watchman does not call price bottoms, that’s a futile and self-defeating endeavor at this terminal stage of a dangerous game being played.  If you want someone to hold your hand, and whisper sweet nothings to you, then this is not(and indeed, never has been) the place for you.

Look, I get it, I know it feels comforting to be here:

Herded 3

After all, most of our friends are there, right?

Trust me though, they won’t like where that path ends!

I write what I write here, to help ensure that I did everything in my power to keep as many people from being herded into that pen, into that “theatre” as possible.  The truth is, the fight isn’t over, but the greater truth is that, in the end, we will win it!


One of the reasons I got into the precious metal space, is that I deeply felt that there were many things that desperately needed to be said, things that almost no one else was saying.  I saw plenty of folks willing to call a bottom, or cry “breakout!”, or project some new dollar figure for a precious metal at some unspecified point(something I’ve still yet to do after 7 months), but what I didn’t see were many folks willing to tell stackers that the fight in silver and gold could be harder and longer than many were imagining.

I’ve always maintained that the real damage to our community’s psyche isn’t simply done by the algos on the price, but by those who are always crying out that “that was it!  the corner has turned, and the bottom is in!”  Many of those same voices(smart voices, no less) have said this since May of 2011, but have been wrong for the entirety of that time.

The enemy is cunning and gruesome, and is slowly executing their plan of attack with precision on as many sheep as possible.

You however, are no sheep.  You’re here because you’re a very different sort of character, aren’t you?

You are not the prey, you are the hunter, and you won’t be fooled by this game, which is nearing its final stages.

In a democracy, we’re trained to think that there’s more “legitimacy” to majorities, right?  That somehow the majority’s rubber stamp, or actions make something correct, but life experience tells us the opposite is true.

Remember that the majority, both in politics and investing, almost always has it wrong.

Don’t worry about what others may do.  You keep hacking at the root of banking power, with your silver or gold purchases….let the majority walk right onto that slaughterhouse truck…

Let them chase the S&P or Dow near all-time highs…

Let them load up on mutual funds…

Let them head down to the bank to sink a few hundred grand into a CD at .075%!  

Let them satiate the elite’s appetite with their own wealth, not yours!

When the trap is sprung, and those “theatre doors are locked”, that moment will determine much of the rest of your life.  You were either locked inside with the other forlorn souls, or you were bolting through truly greener pastures, safe from the grasping hands of these schemers.

The majority however, will sadly offer up their life savings as a sacrificial and savory morsel for the banking elites of our world, whose taste should pair exquisitely with a nice Cabernet, I should think.

Herded 6

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