by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante One of the best things about not watching television programming – and it is called programming for a reason – is that you are not constantly deluged with propaganda. The last time I actually purposely read a newspaper was probably in 1985 and the last time I watched television programming and TV “news” was probably around 1995. That was when the internet started coming into fruition and I was not limited to the few select newspapers or TV channels that are owned and operated by the very people who own and operate the government. I now only shield my eyes and look at websites like CNN when I want to see what the poor muddled masses are being subject to. The latest “big” scandle in the mainstream media is that Hillary Clinton used her own personal email address. Apparently, this is an issue for some strange reason. According to her, she did that because she didn’t want to have to use two different phones for email. That was, just after a few weeks earlier, when asked her typically tough questions from mainstream TV programming asking her if she uses an “iPhone or Android”. She responded that she uses an iPhone and a Blackberry. Killary lying, of course, is a given. If her lips are moving, as they say, she’s either lying or drinking the blood of children. She also deleted all 30,000 emails she sent. This also should be no surprise. If she isn’t racketeering, having countless past friends/accomplices/employees killed or doing other evil things then she is probably plotting a criminal overthrow of a government somewhere. Of course she isn’t going to leave any evidence lying around. But, of all the crimes she has commited in her life why is this the one that is being so publicized? It is reminiscent of her partner-in-crime, Bill Clinton, and all of his war crimes and how the only thing that got him into real trouble was a little sex-romp with a cigar and a chubby intern. Only in this case it is Killary who has to say, “I did not have textual relations with that server.” It is much the same with Brian Williams. A small lie on his part about his involvement in Iraq ended up with him being the only person, since the countless terrorist attacks and occupations began in Iraq in 1990, to lose his job over a lie. Compare that to the great lie of “weapons of mass destruction” which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to which no one has either lost their job or been jailed. Even before that, when asked by 60 Minutes if the death of 500,000 Iraqi children during the first Gulf War attack was worth it, demonic Madeleine Albright said that it was. But no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. The real issues, according to the mainstream presstitutes, are a small Brian Williams lie, or Bill’s little sexual escapade or the fact that Killary deletes her emails. All of these things including Swine flu, Bird flu, SARS, Ebola and even, if you can believe they got people scared about it, the measles, are meant to distract the populace from the fact that they are being raped and pillaged by the US government and the Federal Reserve. We recommend turning off your TV. And while you are at it, turn off CNBC too, who is telling you the economy is recovering and to invest in outrageously valued dividend stocks.

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