by Eric Zuesse, Washington’s Blog A check at the Russian Ministry of Defense says nothing, as of yet, about the following allegations that are made by the sources cited in the following tentative story, which sources are now spreading like wildfire on the Internet, but this possible news-item is written under the assumption that the story is as it has been reported in those sources:

Surprise UK Nuclear Attack Against Russia This Week Is Averted by Intelligence Leak

Russia Now on Top Nuclear Alert and ‘State of War’ with at Least UK, Maybe Also U.S.

Eric Zuesse

The European Union Times reported Sunday morning March 15th, under the headline, “Russia Warns ‘State Of War’ Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike,” that Russian intelligence — specifically the FSB (Federal Security Service) and Kaspersky Lab — fortunately had decoded the launching data and coordinates of all the UK’s nuclear weapons, and thereby caught and prepared for a planned first-strike nuclear attack by the UK against Russian targets, which is set to occur at some time this week. 

The surprise-factor is thus gone, and so Russia will now be able to respond instantaneously to any launches by the UK or any affiliated nuclear power. In other words: Russia is now on the highest level of nuclear-alert. This level of alert will remain on until further notice. 

As a result of this discovery, Russia has declared itself to be in a “State of War” with the UK.

The U.S. is also involved: The Moscow Times had headlined on February 17th, “Russia’s Kaspersky Lab Exposes U.S. Cyber Espionage Program,” and revealed that Kaspersky Lab had overcome U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) spyware, and that “Russia’s intelligence services are not concerned by” it. Not made public at that time was that, as the technical site “The Verge” has headlined on March 13th, “A network error routed traffic for the UK’s nuclear weapons agency through Russian telecom,” and this fortunate unintentional leak has turned out to be crucial, along with the earlier work by FSB and Kaspersky, in having enabled Russia to prepare itself for the planned UK first-strike nuclear attack, as it now is: instantaneous launch.

However, at present, the Russian Federation has not explicitly declared itself to be in a State of War against the United States, because the exposed attack-plan was only UK-sourced.

It is highly unlikely that the United States was not, in conjunction with UK, also planning to participate in this attack, but, regardless, Russia is now set to respond instantaneously to any launch, from any source.

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