Destruction of Property Rights Using Administrative Law

from John Perna Each topic in Agenda 21 has been made specific piece of suggested legislation. All of these pieces of legislation are being introduced at every level of government: State, county & municipal. Like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle no one can visualize & “big picture” until all of pieces of puzzle are in place. If you want to see & “big picture” read whole of agenda 21. It is total control of every aspect of human existence: controlled by all powerful world government. Agenda 21 is United Nations plan for sustainable dictatorship. “Fascism” is a term frequently misused. Yet there is a correct usage for this term. Fascism permits a certain degree of “private” property but & management of property is under governmental oversight. In Fascism “owners” are generally allowed to retain title to property, but are prohibited from using property in any way which does not follow governmental law or regulation. Governmental law or regulation might be ambiguous or self-contradictory. After being denied any control as to what can be done with property these victimized owners are granted & privilege of paying taxes on & property. This symbolic ownership makes property ownership into a burden rather than a benefit. Property “owners” are also given duty of maintaining & property & & standards for this maintenance are dictated by government. Government sets unreasonable requirements as to & maintenance of & property, which is always at & expense of & “owner”. “The merger of Government power & Corporate power is FASCISM” Benito Mussolini Fascism is government ownership of all property except in name or “title”. Fascism allows citizens to believe that they own property, but they must use it in accordance with mandates of government. Since & only benefit of ownership is & ability to control & use & property real ownership is actually in & hands of & government. Fascism is De Facto government ownership of private property. & most disgusting part of & scenario is & attempt to justify & taking of property rights of & individual on & grounds that it will benefit & community as a whole. In reality & whole of & community is equally devastated by & destruction of property rights. Totalitarians, who have been unable to achieve their desired degree of control over our society, through other arguments, have shifted their plan of attack to an appeal that is based on & false objective of protection of a “community” value. & International Property Maintenance Code is a massive accumulation of “standards” to be imposed upon property owners. Laws being made by unelected bureaucrats, who pretend to be “representatives of & people” is & common model of every type of tyranny. Meet “Cousin Beau”. Your cousin because he is & illegitimate son of your Uncle Sam. & product of his seduction by & forces of totalitarianism. He has been called by many names in many nations. You may know his older brothers. In more advanced stages of development, called apparatchiks, cadres, storm troopers, & commissars. Here in America, where they are still solidifying their power, they are called compliance officers, inspectors, special agents, administrators, & regulators. His full name is Beau U. Krat. & ‘U’ stands for unconstitutional. He is & unelected bureaucrat, who makes up ‘administrative laws.’ He conducts searches without warrants or makes up his own ‘administrative warrants’ without probable cause. He issues ‘administrative orders’ & assesses penalties against those whom he has found ‘guilty’ of violating his ‘laws.’ If you wish to ‘appeal’ his ‘orders’ you must appeal to him. He is your judge, jury & prosecutor. He wields legislative, executive & judicial branch authority. He uses methods, against honest citizens, which are forbidden even to legitimate policemen in their pursuit of dangerous criminals. Remember his famous slogans: “I’m just doing my job”, “I’m only here to help you,” & “I was just obeying orders.” Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941) – American judge wrote: “Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when & government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. & greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

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