Ben Bernanke’s Sovereign Deception

TDC Note – This is one of the best videos, presenting evidence found nowhere else regarding the blatant criminality of the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke LIED, under oath, before CONgress, regarding TARP and the whole bail-out scheme. These people need to be, at least, in prison and stripped of every assets they possess. from BestEvidence, via The Victory Report The popular explanation–originating with then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and promoted relentlessly by the media–for why the $700 billion TARP bailout had to be passed is destroyed with an 8-minute film. Relying solely on documents from the Federal Reserve together with congressional testimony, BestEvidence exposes Bernanke’s TARP story to congress as a willful fraud intended to benefit global megabanks. The episode further reveals that Bernanke lied to congress about TARP saving Main Street at precisely the same time he was planning the Fed’s own megabank bailout that specifically excluded Main Street. In addition, Bernanke’s craven efforts following his epic deception to conceal the Fed’s nefarious abuses of power on behalf of parties that included foreign banks were ultimately thwarted, albeit too late, thanks to Article III of the constitution, a tireless reporter (who apparently took the last crumbs of journalistic gumption with him to the grave), and a federal district court judge who smelled the rank cumulus clouds of b.s. billowing from B.S. Bernanke a mile away. The media’s slavish Fed worship generally and its TARP propaganda campaign in particular are condemned in no uncertain terms, never to be forgiven.

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