Analogy Of The 20 Titanic Lifeboats

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog


The Titanic had just 20 lifeboats aboard when it sank April 15, 1912.

From a preparedness standpoint, we can draw several practical parallels or analogies from the disaster of the Titanic – and your adherence to the lessons learned will put you in a better place of readiness and safety…

The Titanic was originally fitted with enough lifeboats for more than everyone on board. However the company ordered the removal of two-thirds of them claiming that the 64 lifeboats made the ship look bad.

For this reason, of the 2,223 people on board, 1,517 lost their lives while only 706 survived.

Nearly as alarming was the percentage of lives that survived based on their cabin class.

61% of 1st-class passengers survived.
42% of 2nd-class passengers survived.
25% of 3rd-class passengers survived.
24% of the crew survived.

Picture of lifeboats on the Titanic


What can we learn from the Titanic tragedy?

Never fully trust that others have secured your safety.

There were two clear but false assumptions made by the passengers on the Titanic. One was that it would never sink. The other was that the notion of having enough lifeboats (preparedness) didn’t even enter their minds.

It was such a magnificently huge ship and such a marvel of industry, that it looked and seemed entirely invincible. The ship was so big that when you were on it, your perspective changed such that it barely seemed like a ‘typical’ ship of its day. The hype leading up to its voyage bolstered even more the indestructible facade and perception. Many of the ships passengers were no doubt gleeful and filled with some self-importance while playing their roles within the ‘high society’ of the 1st-class crowd – as surely feelings of exuberance also spilled into the 2nd and 3rd class cabins as well while the ship furthered its journey…

The Titanic sailed on – even through iceberg infested waters. After all, the Titanic was indestructible. We all know what happened that night.

Parallels and Analogies

One analogy is the comparison between the Titanic (and its passengers) and the current economy (and the public at large). The US economy (and much of the global economy) has been pumped up into a seemingly indestructible and never-failing success while the majority of the public truly believe (assume) that everything’s A-okay and always will be (normalcy bias). This ship cannot sink. At least that’s what they think. What they do not know is that this ship is navigating through waters filled with icebergs and all it’s going to take is one long gash in the hull and it’s over. The ship will sink. In the mean time, the band plays on…

Lets talk about the lifeboats. ‘The company’ ordered that most of them be removed. Not only did they want it to simply ‘look better’, but they did not want to present an image that the ship may actually need that many lifeboats. Keyword: image. Today’s ‘masters’ of the economy have been doing everything they can to present a positive image and have been purposely and blatantly hiding the things which may ‘alarm’ the sheeple. The vast majority of the passengers on this economic ship have no lifeboat (or a seat on a lifeboat) and when the ship goes down, they will perish.

Some of the lifeboats which were lowered from the sinking Titanic were far from filled to capacity. While none of us were there and we don’t exactly know what was going through their minds, it’s probably safe to say that some of man’s other traits were exposed (e.g. ‘dog eat dog’) while panic and desperation set in for one’s very survival. If we hit an iceberg today and suffered a full-scale economic collapse, there’s little doubt that a portion of the desperate populace will revert to a similar ‘dog eat dog’ (dangerous) mentality.

When realization set in (for some) on the Titanic that it was sinking, reportedly the band (entertainment) was ordered to play on, in an attempt to continue an illusion towards the passengers that everything’s still okay. Today’s analogy is the mainstream media who continue to push the general message that everything’s okay (regarding the good ship ‘Economy’) as their musical tone is always cheerful and fluffy. Rarely do you hear a deep or dark note in their song…

Lets look at who survived the Titanic. The clear majority of survivors were the 1st-class passengers while the lower classes suffered progressively worse. Is it not generally the same in real life? Interesting parallels, yes? Those ‘in power’, in higher positions, will take advantage of their position and resources to secure their own survival first. When it comes to survival, and it’s every man for himself, don’t expect the powers-that-be to save your ass. Think about that.

Let the Titanic be a lesson to you. Maintain a skepticism of anything that might be considered to be ‘unsinkable’.

Be skeptical. Look out for your own safety. Check facts for yourself. Open your eyes and look around. Recognize the smoke-and-mirrors. Analyze the risks. Think things through. Position yourself for better odds of survival. Don’t put yourself in harms way.

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