Retail Sales Slammed 3rd Month In A Row

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics

The Commerce department reported that in February, retail sales missed once again and missed big and across the board, the third big miss in a row, with the headline print coming at -0.6%, far below the 0.3% expected.  – Zerohedge

The worst three-month run since the Great Financial Crisis in 2008.  Anyone happen to notice that most of the economic data has been collapsing at the same rate as they collapsed in 2008/2009?  Almost every data series, whether it is coming from the Government or private sector reporting agencies.

Even ex-autos and gas – and auto sales are starting to crumble as the subprime magic wand is losing its power – retail sales dropped .2%, well below the +.3% expected by Wall Street’s finest crystal ball readers.

The average consumer once-again has become overleveraged.  Furthermore, nominal wages for the 80% demographic continue to decline (click to enlarge, source: zerohedge, edits are mine):


The best way to take advantage of this – and the fact that the stock market is tragically overvalued now – is to short   AMAZON dot CON

From December 2007 to November 2008, AMZN dropped 54%.  It was only “overvalued” back then.   Now it’s insanely overvalued AND it does not make any money.

My work on AMZN is unique.  I’m the only analyst on this stock that explains how AMZN is using misleading accounting to manufacture GAAP net income, yet it is profusely bleeding cash flow.  That’s why it had to issue a $6 billion in bonds in late 2014.   My report shows the truth in painstaking detail.

Reader testimonial:   What is amazing is that according to the IBD database there are 2300 funds that are invested in Amazon. Dave drills deep with his analysis. Why are these funds not even looking at the problems on the surface? Why? Because its easy to amass opm (other people’s money) with fancy websites and presentations.

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