The Modern World Is Not Built To Withstand Full-Scale Economic Collapse

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

Our modern world is NOT stable. In fact in my estimation it is rapidly becoming very UNstable. If you are only an ‘alphabet channel’ news follower, you probably have little knowledge about precarious world events which have been (and are) taking place right now which are destabilizing our present way of life, our economic systems, and our safety.

Most people refuse to believe (or to even consider) the reality and potential implications of what’s going on in the ‘real’ world. And who could blame them? Who has time in today’s busy world of responsibilities and distractions to commit for discovery and research beyond the sound-bites presented in the news (most of which is filled with irrelevant ‘fluff’)…

People continue to behave just as they always have (with little regard and preparation for tomorrow) while little do they know that the only reason that ‘it’s still together’ since 2008 is because of MASSIVE intervention by governments around the world – none of which represents ‘real’ growth and has only postponed the inevitable. It has created an enormous illusion of prosperity, and one day, it must end.

The world is not stable. Just a few examples: Most nations are literally broke (as in un-payable debt) beyond comprehension and belief. The financial/banking systems as you know it have leveraged our future and everything else (seemingly 100:1 or more) into unconscionable debt while at the same time a Mount Everest of derivatives precariously loom above our heads. The East and West are destined to clash as the West loses its grip on world hegemony and dominance. Recent policies have disrupted and shifted powers in the chaotic tinder box called the Middle East. Additionally, the war drums are beating as NATO (and the US) ratchet up the seemingly inevitable conflict with Russia in the Ukraine – perhaps (probably?) escalating to WWIII (how do you think that’s going to turn out?)

A full-scale economic collapse will be brought on by any number of triggers. The fact is, that when it happens, you are going to see MAJOR PROBLEMS.

People are extremely ill-prepared for the consequences when the system finally goes ‘belly-up’. Most have never given it a 2nd thought and cannot (will not) comprehend the resulting horrors.

At first it will be all about the money. If you had money in the bank, an investment account, a brokerage firm, a 401K, an IRA, it could be mostly or all gone following a full-scale economic collapse. Why? Not only might the investments themselves be slashed or lost, but have you thought about the institutions themselves? Do you think they will still be solvent and ‘standing’? How many brokerages (even those which you believe to be immune from calamity) will be left standing during a full-scale economic collapse? Good luck getting your money…

Will the ATM’s will still be working and filled with cash? Will you be able to simply go down to your bank and withdraw your money? Answer: Most undoubtedly, No. A full-scale economic collapse will bring our modern systems to a grinding crawl or halt as those left standing will switch gears to ‘protect’ mode. You and your conveniences will be low on the priority list. People will be in total panic mode, trying to get their hands on ‘money’. I put that in quotes because what is ‘money’ after a full-scale economic collapse?

Will you lose your job (or at least someone in your household)? I would say yes, there will be massive job loss while businesses struggle to survive. Without a job and a paycheck, and cash, how long will it be before people can’t get the basic food and supplies that they need to survive? During a full-scale collapse will the government really be able to help? What will the government-issued money (e.g. the dollar) be worth regarding a loaf of bread after such a collapse? Even if the government starts issuing even more money for those who have lost it all, it will rapidly become worthless in such an environment.

A full-scale economic collapse will most definitely bring on a total government clamp-down while it too goes into ‘protect mode’. Will they be able to enforce their controls on the populace in these circumstances? That’s difficult to say, but I doubt it. Rather, there will probably be chaos all around as the just-in-time (JIT) systems within our supply and distribution chains completely break down. No longer will you find the supplies that you’re used to buying in the grocery stores. The panic will make it that much worse as people will strip the shelves of whatever they can – even if and when they are temporarily re-supplied.

Crime will run rampant. Gangs will rule the cities. The easy targets will be targeted first while desperation will bolster the targeting to even more prey. Suddenly, people who have never given security a 2nd thought will realize the utmost importance of self-preservation, albeit too late for most who have not prepared in this regard (to get related ‘tools’).

During a full-scale economic collapse, will external entities use this time to attack and further the chaos? Will terrorist organizations or govt proxies seize the opportunity? Perhaps, yes.

As opposed to the repeat of a moderate economic crash (e.g. 2008-09), a full-scale collapse will be something you have never seen or experienced (or comprehended) before, which makes it all that much more dangerous (because of normalcy bias and the assumption that things will always be relatively ‘okay’ – and therefore the unprepared masses).

‘The big one’, should it occur, will become a mega-disaster in our modern world – a world with a way-of-life which is dependent upon the very systems that will likely collapse.

What can you do about it? Accept the threat. Develop a preparedness mindset (financial and physical). Become more self-reliant in your way of life. Diminish your dependence (whatever that is for you). Start to separate yourself from the system as best you can. And most important, prepare for tomorrow, because tomorrow might be the day…

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