Pippa Malmgren on US jobs and shrinkflation

from Boom Bust Edward is joined by Dr. Pippa Malmgren – founder of DRPM Group and author of “Signals: The Breakdown of the Social Contract and the rise of Geopolitics.” Dr. Malmgren gives us her take on the recent jobs report and tells us what impact policy divergence will have on stocks, commodities, and oil. She also breaks down some of the important points affecting the political outcome in the Greek crisis and gives us her take on the possibility of a Greek default and its potential effects. She believes that the voting public in Greece and elsewhere in the periphery has become radicalized after years of economic hardship and sees this as one big reason that Greece could eventually exit the Eurozone. Pippa also gives cogent analyses of shrinkflation, the downsizing of portion sizes in retail packaging to increase margins, as well as the UK trade data and what they mean for the upcoming UK elections.

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