Simple A Frame Cabin for $800 (Backyard Office, Tree House, Playhouse)

from The Victory Report Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (HGTV, DIY Network,, alongside his brother Dustin Diedricksen, and Roy St. Clair (Ondura, and Tuftex) show us a tiny, modern A-frame cabin. This cabin was a live build at the 38th Annual St. Louis Home And Garden show (the third largest in the US!) and features an entire clear Tuftex Polycarbonate front, recycled-material Ondura roofing, and stands at almost twelve feet tall. This cabin was leisurely built in three days while addressing questions from the crowd and speaking at the event’s main stage, and was ultimately auctioned off for charity. This cabin, very simple to make, could stand as a nice weekend camping structure, an affordable prepper bug-out shelter, a tree house (easily!), a backyard (tiny house -like) office, or a playhouse or hobby space.

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