The US Misery Index Says Americans Happiest in 56 Years! Is This a Joke?

by The Silver Bug Unfortunately for the people of the world, 2015 is not shaping up to be a wonderful year. Uncertainty and unrest is at all time highs. Governments are scrambling to keep things together behind the scenes and people are struggling just to get by. Wages are stagnant, despite the copious amounts of fiat money being printed. Stagflation is a real phenomenon and it’s here to stay. Banks are simply too fearful for “trickle down” economics to work. The rich are the only ones better off. The man on the street is suffering. But wait a minute, according to the mainstream media, things are great! The economy is recovering, stocks are at an all time high and inflation is not high, in fact its TOO low according to central planners. Backing up these claims? The mood of the average American. According to economist Arthur Okun’s “Misery Index”, Americans are the happiest they’ve been since 1959! Misery_Index_2015 You heard that right. The happiest since 1959. Don’t worry about the simple fact that the American dream is dead, home ownership is at a stunningly multiple-decade low, labor participation rates are horrible, people are more indebted than ever and inflation in food prices is out of control. Take a moment and ask yourself, what makes up this index? It is comprised of inflation numbers that the government releases. Numbers that we know are fake, as we live in the real world and as John Williams’ ”Shadow Stats“ has proven. Additionally, it is comprised of unemployment rates, which are also a mirage. There are more part-time jobs, which are lower paying so people are working twice the amount to make the same income. Sounds like fun to me! No, this chart is just one more example of MOPE. It is meant to appease the masses and make them wonder what is wrong with them, to distract them from the big picture and to avoid the blame being placed on our central planners and government officials who got us into this mess. Kudos to them, but these tricks won’t last forever.

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