Home Invasion ‘Happens’ – Are You Ready?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

Home invasion is real. It happens. While you might think that your odds of being affected by a home invasion are very slim (which generally they are), no-one is immune. Home invasion happens, and you just never know…

The question is, how many are at all prepared for such an incident? Do you have a firearm to protect yourself? Which firearm do you use as your ‘home invasion protection’? Since many home invasions (but certainly not all) occur at night, is your firearm within reach?

While we hardly ever hear reported stories about successful home invasion deterrence, the following are several recent incident reports of thwarted home invasions.

Note: It should be obvious that you cannot count on the police being there for a home invasion (unless the police actually live in your house ;) ). During a home invasion, by the time the police get there, the incident will most likely be over. Meaning the consequences of what transpires during those moments will largely be up to you. I encourage you to know your state’s laws with regards to self defense with a firearm in this situation. Although this is not legal advice, I’m fairly certain that some states first require some sort of retreat from the threat, while there also may be certain thresholds which need to be met prior to protecting yourself with a firearm. Just saying…


Two burglary suspects who shot one resident of the home they were invading got what was coming to them when the apartment dweller, despite suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, fired back and injured both of the trespassers. Medics treated the 26-year-old resident and he was initially listed in serious condition after being taken to a hospital. Meanwhile, two men suffering from gunshot wounds sought medical help at a regional emergency room. They were admitted and listed in critical condition, and police are investigating whether they are linked to the burglary.
(Alaska Dispatch News, Anchorage, Alaska)

A 53-year-old Antioch resident, whose name was not released, was working in his home office one day in December. His wife, who had left the home, received an electronic alert from the couple’s home security system provider saying that the system had been breached. She then called her husband, who grabbed his gun and went downstairs to investigate. The homeowner found two intruders pawing through his belongings and, fearing for his life, fired several shots, hitting one of the suspects. A few minutes later, two people arrived at the Sutter Delta Medical Center seeking treatment for a man who had gunshot wounds.
(San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif.)

A 77-year-old Tyler, Texas, homeowner shot and killed a burglar who allegedly invaded his home. The homeowner, who was in his bedroom, heard glass breaking late one December night. He grabbed a shotgun and went to investigate. He spotted an intruder wielding a large tool. When the man charged, he shot him.
(Tyler Morning Telegraph, Tyler, Texas)

Two Orange County brothers secured their elderly mother in an interior room of their residence before investigating a suspicious noise in the wee hours of the morning. A 23-year-old armed stranger had entered the home. The man was found in the basement, the intruder attacked, punching him and brandishing a knife. The brother then entered the room and shot and killed the intruder. Police said the crime appeared to be random.
(Times-Mail, Bedford, Ind.)

His wife was asleep nearby and his children were out playing when a man wearing a bandanna entered, stuck a pistol to his head and demanded money. He emptied his pockets, but the robber demanded more. While the suspect turned his focus to the wife, the homeowner went into another room and retrieved a .45-caliber pistol. He pointed it at the masked man and repeatedly asked him to leave. Instead, the trespasser raised his gun,
prompting the homeowner to shoot him. The robber later died.
(The Tennessean, Antioch, Tenn.)

Police arrested a 32-year-old man for allegedly trying to rape a woman while she was sleeping. The woman awoke with a man on top of her making sexual advances. She resisted, screamed and pulled his hair before freeing herself and running to the closet for a shotgun. The woman pointed the gun at the intruder and told him to get out of the house. He began dressing frantically and fled. Later, the suspect was arrested, arraigned on numerous charges and committed to the county jail.
(New Castle News, New Castle, Pa.)

The homeowner traded gunfire with masked intruders after they entered his home and tried to rape his 19-year old granddaughter. The incident began when he opened the door for a man who had knocked and asked for water for his vehicle, two other men forced their way into the home. All three men were armed. The homeowner was instructed to open a safe, but instead grabbed a gun and shot two of the suspects. The men fled in the homeowners car. Two assailants were apprehended at a nearby hospital after seeking treatment for gunshot wounds. The third suspect sustained fatal injuries. The homeowner also sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital. He was listed in critical condition. The suspects will reportedly be charged upon their release from the hospital.
(The Fayetteville Observer, Lumberton, NC)

She awoke to the sound of her barking dog around 2:40 a.m. She went to investigate and noticed a few items out of place, but when she did not see anyone, she returned to bed. Then, after a loud crash, she discovered an intruder had taken refuge in her bedroom closet. She retrieved her firearm and issued the verbal warning, “Don’t move!” before calling 911. She then pointed her .45-caliber handgun and kept the 24-year-old suspect at bay for 30 minutes until police arrived.
(Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE)

A 73-year-old Air Force veteran was at home with his wife and grandson when he heard the sound of a picture window breaking. He armed himself with his Taurus .380 ACP handgun and investigated the noise. Encoutering a strange man inside his home, he fired a single round at the 29-year-old intruder. After being treated at the hospital for a bullet wound, the suspect was upgraded to fair condition.
(Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE)

In the early morning hours, a woman called 911 to report that a man had broken into her home. She confronted the intruder with a firearm causing him to flee before the police could arrive. Police are linking the event to other break-ins in the neighborhood and a suspect is being sought. The resident was not injured.
(Foster’s Daily Democrat, Dover, NH)

He was with several others when they heard someone else inside his home around 1 p.m. Three suspects were already on their way out with a stolen handgun and two televisions before he discovered they were there. Gunfire erupted between him and the suspects, one (suspect) of whom was fatally wounded. No other injuries were reported. One of the neighbors said, “… if [the homeowner] didn’t have a gun, he might be the one who was killed. You got to do what you got to do to protect yourself.”
(Guns.com, Indianapolis, IN)

The homeowner, 71, woke to noises coming from inside his home around 6 a.m. He quickly retrieved his firearm and opened the bedroom door. He recalled, “The man, I could see him trying to duck into the closet in the next room and I just told him, ‘Come out of there, Bud.’” The homeowner then held the 22-year-old intruder at gunpoint while he called 911 and waited for police to arrive. No injuries were reported and no shots were fired during the break-in.
(WTHR, Indianapolis, IN)


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