Netanyahu Iran Nuke Crisis, Hillary Clinton Emails, Obama Care & Supreme Court

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog Clearly, the biggest story of the week was the speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to a joint session of Congress. Netanyahu’s speech can be summed up with this Associated Press headline that reads “Israeli leader: Nuclear pact a bad deal.” Now I know why President Obama did not want him to talk to Congress. Netanyahu had one standing ovation after another from both sides of the aisle. Sure, about 50 Democrats did not show up and even criticized the Prime Minister after the speech, but that really made the Democrats look even more disheveled and weak. There is so much propaganda and disinformation surrounding this deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program it is hard to get a handle on what is happening. According to international inspectors, the Iranians are hiding nuclear facilities and are not being totally honest about what they have. On the Israeli side, Netanyahu himself was accused by his own intelligence agency of over-hyping the progress Iran made in getting a nuclear bomb back in 2012. Fast forward to today, and there are still plenty of countries who are nervous of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Secretary of State John Kerry is in the Middle East trying to sell this deal to our Arab allies. You know things are bad when Arabs and Israelis team up against a common threat, and in this case it is Iran. Meanwhile, Iran and its forces are taking the lead in attacking Tikrit, an ISIS strong hold in Iraq. Saudi Arabia has accused the Obama Administration of effectively giving Iraq to Iran. John Kerry is also on record this week about using military force to remove the Assad regime in Syria. Wait, the Iranians are attacking ISIS in Iraq, and the Iranians are supporting Assad in Syria. Meanwhile, the so-called “moderate Rebels” are in the middle between the two. Talk about a convoluted mess, you cannot make this up. Continue Reading>>>

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