Caught Red Handed

by It’s A Mystery, Gold Seek The fascinating thing about government reports is some believe they are pre-ordained or made up to create the narrative that the government wants to create. It is not far-fetched, as the government wishes to control everything in our lives. Strangest thing happened today with respect to the release of the NFP report at 8:30AM. The report was not released. That is fact. The report did not come at 8:30AM EST. It was late. So, why then did someone decide at slightly before and at 8:30 to hammer the price of gold on NO NEWS. I’ll tell you why. The algos were programmed to sell at that time. Unfortunately for the people that programmed it, the BLS website did not release the data until 8:31 EST. Now, do you think it was actually humans that were doing selling at that time on a hunch? Nonsense. Those were large sell orders programmed at 8:29.50 and 8:30. The numbers were known. The problem is there is nothing we can do about it. This is a government that caters to the elite and holds the masses in contempt, irrespective of which “political party” is in charge. None of it matters. If you doubt the veracity of any of this, simply examine what the BLS said happened in the energy sector the past few months. According to their numbers the O&G sector is just fine, accounting for a few thousand job losses. Meanwhile job losses are actually in the tens of thousands there this year and cap-ex has been decimated, which destroys complimentary businesses like steel. But move along and ignore the fiction just as the Greeks. It has treated them well. It’s a Mystery


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