War, Collapse, and Survival with James Wesley Rawles

by Will Lehrer, Perpetual Assets

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets interviews James Wesley Rawles of Survival Blog

We discuss the main risks to society today including economic collapse and war.

The drop in oil price was a collaborative effort between the Saudis and US state dept. The main goal for the US was to harm Russia, Saudi Arabia wanted to disrupt the US Bakken shale industry. Although WW3 breakout has disastrous consequences it is not very likely.

Jim gives us some data on the American Redoubt Region, a concept he developed as a place for American families to relocate for strategic preparedness purposes. The region is a net exporter of hydroelectric power and therefore less vulnerable in a grid down scenario.

We discuss the AR-15 ammunition ban that has recently been in the news. We have already seen a 4 fold price increase with ‘green tip’ ammo. Just the discussion of ammo ban has created a massive rush with spillover effect into other ammo types.

Despite the noise, the likelihood of American disarmament is impossible. Jim shares how the existence of a mere 1,000 guns held up a peace treaty for 10 years in Ireland. The quantity of arms in the US is absolutely overwhelming, and that makes me feel safe.

China, and other US creditors are taking claim to US property. In the aftermath of an economic collapse we may see an outside nation come to collect- much like kingdom towing. Jim believes we may soon see international treaties trumping domestic laws.

We close with Greece, Cypress, and the idea that the US is still the freest place to call home. Firearms ownership in this country is the freest on earth. So long as guns and information are freely flowing we can educate and defend ourselves.


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