The Gold Chronicles with Jim Rickards

from Physical Gold Fund via, The News Doctors Jim Rickards, Gold Chronicles Feb 9 2015 *Current Events Europe, US Leadership Vacuum *Ramifications of Swiss Franc De-Peg *Difference between ECB and Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing (money printing) programs *How the ECB QE program will affect the economy *Why Greece will not exit the Euro, they will reach an agreement *Why the Ukraine crisis is a fait accompli for Putin *Meeting with CIA operatives, US ambassadors, and US Intel community – they are making a classic mistake of mirror imaging *The west assumes Putin thinks like the west, nothing is further from the truth *There is more power concentrated in the Executive Branch than ever before *When it comes to US leadership, there is no strategy for Ukraine *Russia is not a peripheral player that you can just push around *We are already in a war, it is not kinetic, its being fought in cyberspace and financial space *Sanctions are not a form of diplomacy, it is a form of warfare *Being kicked out of SWIFT is equivalent to using a nuclear bomb *Russia has indicated that response to such actions has no limits *Kinetic war still not likely, but one a scale of one to ten we have dialed it up past 5 and maybe as high as 8, and then back down to 5 *Current actions (as of Feb 9) are moving towards a kinetic proxy war between the US and Russia *Huge volatility in markets and FX *Gold is now trading like money *World has woken up to threat of US confiscation of sovereign gold and are repatriating *The scramble for gold by central banks proves gold is now moving back towards the core of the monetary system *View of allocated gold funds versus paper gold *Due-diligence on Physical Gold Fund *View of silver versus gold in portfolio allocation *What happens for the average person after the current monetary system trends unfold AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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