Alabama police taser electrical engineer at his own housewarming party

by Walter Einenkel, DailyKos Dominique Kenebrew alleges he was celebrating his purchase of a new home when sheriff’s deputies came by, tried to enter his new home without explaining why, and then tasered him in the back because he refused to let them in. He is suing now:

The complaint filed today states Deputy Daniel Dejong “shot Kenebrew in the back with his taser, delivering a five-second electrical shock… pulled the taser trigger two more times, delivering two more five-second electrical shocks.”

Kenebrew was arrested, taken to jail and charged with obstructing government operations. He was later acquitted.

All parties agree that the police showed up at Kenebrew’s home around 11pm. Both have similar facts, ending with Kenebrew being tased in the back. According to wvon:

“He said I’m going in the house,” Kenebrew said of Dejong. Kenebrew said the deputy would not say why he wanted to enter the home.

However, Dejong claims to have been concerned about possible underage drinking.  “I once again advised the suspect that I needed to check on the welfare and ages of the persons inside the residence, and that at this point, I was not asking his permission to enter,” reported Dejong.

All in all Kenebrew was tasered three times for refusing to be arrested. Awkwardly, neither Mr. Dejong nor any of the other ten or so police officers checked anyone’s IDs, which is strange if you are worrying about partygoers’ ages. In the end:

Kenebrew and all of his guests that evening were black, but when asked if race was a factor, Kenebrew said, “I really don’t want to go that route,” though he added: “I don’t think they expected me to be the owner of the house.”

The charges against Kenebrew have since been dropped, but Kenebrew feels the excessive force used against him cannot go unchallenged.

“Deputies under Dorning’s command have learned that their justifications for using force and other unlawful actions will never be questioned,” reads the Kenebrew suit, “and that they can act with impunity.”

I hope we find out exactly what happened.

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