World Headed for a Meat Grinder-Rob Kirby

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog Rob Kirby gives what he calls “proprietary macroeconomic research” to people around the world with billions of dollars to manage. What are his connected sources telling him? Kirby says, “People whose opinions I respect the most tell me that the world is headed for a meat grinder, and that is putting very bluntly. This does not make me happy to say this, but we are headed for some very, very difficult times. The people that are in charge of and are maintaining the status quo of dishonest commerce in our world today are extremely committed to the program. I have referenced them before; they are the globalists. These people have contempt for humanity. These people, as a group, believe the world’s population needs to be reduced from its current roughly 7 billion to around 500 million people. They refer to that as a sustainable model for the earth going forward. I don’t share that view . . . but this is the path they have decided to take us down.” On the wars and rumors of wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, Kirby says, “The whole talk about Israel and Iran is a side show. What is going on in Ukraine, I view to be another side show. . . . The underlying root problem is that our financial system is failing, and history tells us when the financial system tanks, governments take us to war. That’s why we are on a war footing, and that’s why we are hearing this rhetoric and inflamed talks about how we need war, and war is imminent and how war is going to be unavoidable. It’s an age old thing, when the financial system craps, the elites take us to war. End of story.” Continue Reading>>>

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