Save Money, Keep Warm by Wearing Nanosilver Clothing

from Gold Silver Worlds

Indoor heating accounts for about half of the world’s energy consumption, according to the International Energy Agency, so researchers at Stanford University wondered if wearing clothes with imbedded silver nanowires would allow people to lower their thermostats. These clothes would also keep people comfortable in cold weather outside.

The research team’s testing shows that ‘personal thermal management’ clothing might reduce the need for higher indoor temperature settings while eliminating the need for bulky clothing, like sweaters, traditionally used to keep warm inside. The team notes in their research paper: “The metallic nanowires form a conductive network that not only is highly thermal insulating because it reflects human body infrared radiation but also allows Joule [electrical] heating through electricity to complement the passive insulation. The breathability and durability of the original cloth is not sacrificed because of the nanowires’ porous structure. This nanowire cloth can efficiently warm human bodies and save hundreds of watts per person as compared to traditional indoor heaters.”

Yi Cui, the lead scientist, noted that the cloth is breathable and the bendable silver nanowires allow it to be flexible like regular textiles used for clothing. He says it will cost about US$1 for enough silver to attire an entire person and that coated clothing could save the average person up to US$200 annually on heating costs. The researchers say it could take a few years for the product to be available to the public.



Source: The Silver Institute

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