Hypocrite Obama Attacks China for Creating US-Inspired Spying Apparatus

TDC Note – Hypocrisy may be the greatest sin of all. from Sputnik News President Obama has harsh words for China’s proposed counterterrorism law. This despite the fact that the new rules are modeled largely on the US regulations, and more directly, on the precedent set by the NSA’s spying apparatus. China released a few demands last week. If US tech companies want to do business in China – and given the market size, yes, tech companies want to do business in China – then they’ll have to place servers in China. They’ll also have to provide encryption keys, and allow the Chinese government special surveillance access into their systems. President Obama is, understandably, a little wary. Tech companies are weary. Giving a global superpower “backdoor” access to servers used by millions of people feels a bit like Big Brother. It’s uncomfortably dystopian. But as the Snowden documents revealed, this is exactly the kind of unfettered access enjoyed by the United States. “This is something that I’ve raised directly with President Xi,” Obama told Reuters. “We have made it very clear to them that this is something they are going to have to change if they are to do business with the United States.” This is a very different tune than the one sung earlier this year, when both President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron expressed their intention to pressure tech giants into cooperating with Western intelligence agencies. “We’re still going to have to find ways to make sure that if an al-Qaeda affiliate is operating in Great Britain or the United States that we can try to prevent real tragedy,” Obama said during a joint news conference. “And I think the companies want to see that as well. They’re patriots, they have families that they want to see protected.” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson listens at left as President Barack Obama speaks at the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

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