by Justin O’Connell, Gold Silver Bitcoin Approximately $4.8 million in gold bars were stolen Sunday from an armored truck traveling from Florida to Massachusetts on Interstate 95 by armed robbers, according to authorities. The theft took place in Attleboro, a small town largely secluded. Two Transvalue Inc. security guards report pulling over to the side of the road 6:30pm Sunday after their armored truck had mechanical problems in Wilson County, according to the sheriff’s office. Three men then drove up on the security guards in a white van. They ordered the security guards to lie on the ground and tied their hands behind their backs and marched them into the woods. The robbers then unloaded the gold and got away. The stolen gold bars weighed a total of 275 pounds. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s spokeswoman Shelley Lynch said agents are assisting local sheriffs. The FBI is “coordinating with our law enforcement partners to determine whether a federal crime has been committed”. Transvalue chief executive officer Jay Rodriguez said the gold bars were en route to Attleboro, Massachusetts, a town south of Boston known as “Jewelry City” due to the large number of manufacturers there. “Transvalue Inc. deeply regrets the events that transpired yesterday evening,” Chief Executive Officer Jay Rodriguez said in a statement to CNN. “We are pleased that our crew was not harmed. At this time we are working with the authorities to try and resolve this matter.” The company is offering $50,000 reward for information which leads to an arrest. Transvalue, according to its website, specializes in transporting cash, precious metals, gems and jewelry. The company says its shipments are insured for up to $100 million. Interestingly, in the comment section of Huffington Post, many of the commenters don’t take much issue with the theft, commenting such things as:

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