Shadow of Truth

from Shadow of Truth, via The Daily Coin Welcome to Shadow of Truth with your host Rory Hall from The Daily and Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Our new format, delivered twice weekly, will cover a range of topics including gold and silver, the collapsing US and global economy along with the relentless political, financial and military terrorism that the U.S. Government inflicts on the world globally and domestically. Our focus will be on events that occurred within the previous 48-72 hours of the broadcast. We will host some of best known professionals from around the world to comment on the day’s topics and to add a little color, insight and analysis found nowhere else. Dave and I are committed to delivering commentary on the most pressing items as they are unfolding. The insights gained should be helpful with your preparations as our economy and financial systems continue to shift. To give you an idea of the caliber of professionals, we have chosen three amazing individuals who are outstanding in their field of study: Show number 1 launching Friday March 6—- economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Show number 2 Wednesday March 11 — professor, activist and businessman, Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show 3 Friday March 13 — analyst, statistician Rob Kirby from Kirby Stay tuned as we deliver all your favorite analyst in what will surely be a very exciting, entertaining and informative show. We appreciate you watching/listening and please subscribe, share and like this video and help spread the word. One last thing, all shows will be available for download to your favorite on-the-go device!! Thank you very much.

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