Defending The Castle

by R.T., Survival Blog Numerous articles and blogs have appeared over the last couple of years, targeting the prepper community and those people associated with standing up for our God-given rights as well as those rights afforded us from within the Constitution. These articles are generally positive, and they supply the reader with a fair amount of good quality advice in regards to surviving a “grid down” situation or some other catastrophe that may come about. Being that it is nearly impossible to know which impending event might suddenly occur with little or no notice, it is extremely difficult to plan for ALL possible scenarios. It might be a financial collapse, an EMP event, the imposition of martial law, an asteroid strike, the eruption of the Yellowstone super caldera, or something else; the list of possibilities seems endless! In order to make the best determination as to which course of action you should take that best suits your family’s location and circumstances, you must keep your eyes on the horizon and your brain tuned into the world around you. The constant assault from the MSM (main stream media) offers little in the way of news that could potentially help a person’s family make an informed decision about HOW to prepare, WHAT to prepare for, and WHEN to prepare for what may be about to transpire. I, personally, spend a fair amount of time following the alternative news sites, reading what they have to say, filtering out what does not apply to me, and discerning the facts from the fiction. I also read numerous blogs, watch some prepper videos on “how to” projects, and then spend a little time watching and listening to the Bible prophecy experts and what they have come to understand regarding the end times. I am a lot like most people who live in the suburban areas of a large metropolitan city. I work full time, get paid bi-weekly, and basically live paycheck to paycheck. I have been able to save some money periodically and have made preparations to survive a TEOTWAWKI event. Based on my location and circumstances, my wife and I have made the decision to “bug in”. We do not own property out in the country. We do not have rich relatives; all of our relatives are suburban dwellers, like ourselves. At our age, bugging out to the mountains with minimal supplies and living off of the land until things improve is just not an option. We are going to remain in our residence, fortify it as best we can, and defend it with our lives. I have undertaken numerous and various steps to survive as long as we can, but this article will describe what we have done to secure and defend our home from marauding thieves and malcontents. I’m not going to talk about food storage, medical supplies, weapons, and the like, but I will concentrate on physical interior and exterior barriers and fortifications. food preparedness My thought process in developing a protection plan was to keep us safe inside and keep the criminal element on the outside. I felt that there were five areas of concern that needed to be addressed right off the bat.

  1. Windows. First, secure all of the windows. Windows provide easy access to any residence/building and are easily penetrated to gain entry.
  2. Exterior doors. There are three personal doors leading into my house– the front door, garage door (door from garage into my house), and the back door (from garage leading to the back yard).
  3. Overhead garage door. A single car garage door is made of thin aluminum and divided into four quadrants with two sections each.
  4. Sliding glass door. Mine leads from the kitchen to the back deck.
  5. Bay window. I have a rather large living room bay window.

All of these possible access points into my home created their own special set of circumstances. So, my question was how best do I mitigate those vulnerabilities? Continue Reading>>>

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