Is The Nemtsov Murder The First Shot Fired In The Russian Spring?

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post With the recent assassination of Russian opposition figure, Boris Nemtsov, both Russia and the world seem to yet again be standing at the edge of a dangerous precipice. Domestically, Russia must now contend with the turmoil that results any time a high profile political assassination takes place.

Internationally, however, the killing of Nemtsov represents the possibility of a dangerous escalation in international relations since, at best, Western powers will undoubtedly seize upon the assassination as an opportunity to blame Putin directly and paint the Russian President as the next Adolf Hitler. At worst, however, the assassination of Nemtsov may be the fruit of NATO destabilization tactics in the form of a false flag committed for the purposes of initiating a color revolution and/or other forms of internal disruption in Russia.

Nemtsov, was apparently shot four times in the back as he was crossing a bridge in Moscow. It is unclear as to the exact location of Nemtsov’s death but reports claim that the bridge was in sight of the Kremlin.

Reports also suggest that Nemtsov was shot with a pistol from a white car which subsequently fled the scene. It is unclear how many assassins were in the car but some reports indicate that “several people” got out of the car.

Nemtsov’s body lay conveniently on the ground exposed for photographers to take plenty of shots with the Kremlin in the background, drawing the obvious implications.
Immediately after the news broke, Barack Obama publicly condemned the “brutal murder” and “called on the Russian government to conduct a ‘prompt, impartial and transparent investigation’”. Obama’s comments were, of course, yet another example of rhetorical meddling in the internal affairs of Russia with intent to negatively affect world public opinion and, at the same time, addressing a world power that is itself equipped with nuclear weapons as if it were a vassal state. The statements by a President who has overseen institutionalized torture the world over, the jailing of whistleblowers, the assassination of political leaders, domestic political prisoners, and even domestic torture and “disappearance” black sites is one that truly rings hollow.

Regardless, the US has clearly committed to pushing the propaganda line that Putin is personally responsible for the murder of Nemtsov in true “Russian Mafia” “Russian strongman” fashion. As is necessary for propaganda aimed at the American public, the narrative has been kept quite simple – Nemtsov opposed Putin politically so Putin had him killed. Case closed.

As Tony Cartalucci writes,

The provocative murder in the center of Moscow, in close proximity to the Kremlin itself, would lead the more gullible members of the general public to imagine President Putin himself leaning back in his office chair with a rifle sticking out the window of the Kremlin, and gunning down his rival – in true super villain form.

Yet there is much reason to believe that Putin was not responsible for Nemtsov’s murder. In fact, there is the distinct possibility that either members of Nemtsov’s own movement or, more probable, members of the Atlanticist color revolution apparatus were the true perpetrators.

Who Benefits the Most From Nemtsov’s Murder?

While any political figure would clearly benefit from the disappearance of his rival or opposition, and while Kremlin-based political assassinations are by no means out of the question, the fact is that it is not Putin who would benefit the most from the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, but instead the very movement of which Nemtsov was a part and the US/NATO forces that wish to see chaos and revolution sewed in the streets of Moscow.
In fact, out of all concerned parties, Putin would be the least likely culprit in the assassination of what is essentially a failed opposition leader, especially considering the fact that Putin’s approval ratings are higher than any other Russian leader in modern history.

As even the US State Department’s propaganda outlet, Voice of America, was forced to admit, the protests that will take place after the killing of Nemtsov will be much larger as a result of his death than they would have been if Nemtsov were still leading them. VOA writes,

With the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, gunned down on a Moscow street, the fiercest critic of President Vladimir Putin has been removed from the political stage. But it remains to be seen whether, in death as in life, Nemtsov will remain a threat to Putin’s rule.

Already, city authorities have approved a mass march for up to 50,000 people in central Moscow on Sunday. The march, expected to be far larger than the scheduled protest rally it replaces, will provide a powerful platform for Kremlin critics who suspect a government hand in Nemtsov’s death.

Even officials in Putin’s government seem to sense the danger that the former first deputy prime minister’s martyrdom might pose, hinting darkly that Friday night’s drive-by shooting may have been an deliberate “provocation” ahead of the planned weekend rally.

Essentially, Nemtsov has had the bad fortune to find himself more valuable to the color revolution apparatus (NED/Soros/CIA/USAID/etc.) dead than alive. Considering the fact that Nemtsov, as a leader, never amounted to anything formidable, it is easy to draw this conclusion. Despite numerous connections to the Western color revolution machine, Nemtsov’s influence and effectiveness as a change agent only seemed to be declining in power, particularly as Putin’s approval skyrocketed.
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