(IMF Defeat, Part 2):This is What Happens When Bankers are Unleashed Upon a Country

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Juan Medina, Reuters

Everyone Is a Victim

Last time, I spelled out how a small, but determined band can resist the Western bankers even on the field of battle.  That article was well received.  I wanted to write another article though to make something very clear: both Ukraine and Novorossia are victims of these bankers.

Although one of the key principles that I cherish, is the principle of self-determination and self-rule, I’m certainly not “anti-Ukraine”, in fact, quite the contrary.  I’m all in favor of seeing real peace, prosperity, and sovereignty for any of Ukraine’s people that wish to stay in Ukraine.

Novorossia, with her many victories, has still paid dearly for her resistance.  Ukraine’s citizens though, while being duped by their bankster government, have suffered enormously at the hands of these fiends for failing to resist.  Both have suffered, but for completely different reasons.

In just one short year…the Ukrainian nation has been utterly hollowed out by the IMF and DC.  The banker horsemen unleashed upon their populace continue to “up the ante” of their destruction with each passing week. Today, I wanted to detail for you, just a taste of some of the other “gifts” one can expect, if they allow banksters to rule them.

Vaporized Gold

First of all, let’s recall that the Maidan Coup, which cost hundreds of lives, and ruined much of historic, downtown Kiev, was instigated by the CIA and DC.  The people of Ukraine were fooled into thinking they’d gotten their country back, when the sad, disturbing reality was that they’d just lost what little bits of sovereignty and control they’d had left.  The new puppet governors wasted no time in looting Ukraine either, for in March of 2014(just one month later), something very sinister happened.

In the dead of night, at 2 a.m., a mysterious convoy of black trucks, and several minibuses arrived at the Kiev airport with all their tags missing.  Whereupon at least 15 men, wearing Kevlar, black masks, and armed with machine guns, loaded up a nearby, unmarked plane, with over 40 heavy boxes they’d transported to the site.  Once the plane had been loaded with these boxes, it immediately took off from Borispol airport, in Kiev, and the unmarked cars left without a trace.  At first, folks wondered what that ordeal could’ve been about.

Shortly afterward though, it was revealed that one of the first orders of the brand, spanking-new bankster regime, had been to send “all the gold reserves of Ukraine to the United States.”….for the “people’s own good”, of course!  As usual, the alternative media led mainstream outlets in providing this news, as it the Ukraine central bank finally made their shocking admission:

“In the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it’s just 1% of reserves.”

After all was said and done, the Ukrainian gold reserve, had been completely looted.  The banker regime had absconded with the lion’s share aboard that plane, and had probably sold off the tiny remainder to pay for the godless, immoral war that the IMF was now demanding Ukraine fight against Novorossia.  To add to the final insult, some of those involved with the central bank there had actually replaced real gold with painted, lead bricks in its place!

Say what you want about the former, ousted president Yanukovych, but the absolutely undeniable trend he’d set, of steadily building up Ukraine’s gold reserve, was instantly reversed, and the sovereign wealth of Ukraine was plundered by the bankers now pulling the strings.


Chart courtesy of zerohedge.com


 Currency Crisis 

Brothers, if you think that was just their gold reserves that Ukrainians have had to kiss goodbye to though, think again!  Oh no, the banksters have had plenty more acts of beneficence for this populace to enjoy. Things like hyperinflation!

For, unsurprisingly, since losing their gold, and spending every last cent of IMF blood money on war, their currency, the Hryvnia, is in utter freefall.  For awhile, the central planners in Kiev, tried to peg their currency to the USD, at roughly a rate of 16 to 1.  Earlier this month though, when they announced they could no longer defend this peg, they began let their currency float.

It was only then, that the true extent of the damage which the bankers had done to their currency began to be understood.  Take a looksy at this chart from earlier month.  This was the day that the 16 to 1 float died:


My friends, that zig-zigzagging craziness is a snapshot of the Hyrvnia’s crash from 16 to 25, about half a dozen times…not in a month, or in a week, but in a single day!

“Watchman, that’s nuts, how would you even trade something like that?”

Excellent question, friend!

The answer is: you don’t!  In fact, this is precisely why currency trading has now been halted several times in the past week alone in their currency.  Panic has spread, and the local populace is now desperately trying to hold onto some semblance of purchasing power by quickly spending those Hryvnia on tangible things.

Despite(or rather, because of) the banksters’ attempts at capital controls, the Hryvnia’s freefall continued rather unabated throughout the entirety of February, and by the end of just one month, their currency had been cut in half for the second time in less than a year!  Here’s a more up-to-date chart on the “official rate” of Hryvnia to the US dollar:

IMF 10

My friends, that deceptively-soothing, green-barred “slice and dice” has spelled sheer chaos and suffering for tens of millions of people.

That chart means that the Ukrainians now have less purchasing power, and a lower minimum wage than even 3rd world countries like Zambia or Ghana!  Their is now the lowest minimum wage(in real terms) than most any other country in the Western world!  It has led to such a widespread terror, that it has resulted in the next dreaded event that the IMF has bestowed upon Ukraine:

Empty Food Shelves!

According to locals, what’s now occurring is the most extreme market event they’ve experienced since the Soviet collapse.  No one wants to hold Hryvnia in their wallet, their bank account, you name it.  They’re all seeking things they’ll need the most with any currency they still own: namely food.

Photo after photo of empty stores and shelves are now hitting the web. What started as trickle of sporadic shortages in various items:

IMF 12

Has become something much worse, both in Kiev, and in surrounding cities:

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