Operation Mockingbird – US Mass Media Propaganda (on Russia, Tamir Rice) Have Revealing Correlation

Operation Mockingbird – US Mass Media Propaganda (on Russia, Tamir Rice) Have Revealing Correlation from Washington’s Blog

TDC Note – For those not familiar with Tamir Rice, this 12 year child was gunned down by Cleveland Police in November 2014. This happened between the time Ferguson, Mo. was winding down and the murder of Eric Garner was heating up. This is a 12 year old; of course no charges have been brought against the murderer because he was wearing the appropriate gang colors.


US mass media outlets such as CBS, NBC, CNN, knowing that consumers are irrational, are attempting to lead viewers to conclude that Putin assassinated the Russian politician who was killed yesterday, or, at the very least, make them suspect as much.  This is part of what veteran journalists John Pilger and Robert Parry have both said is the most stunning display of propaganda they have seen in their careers, both of which have spanned several decades.

Another telling and interestingly related case is currently being displayed at NBC, which is headlining: Fatal Shooting of Cleveland Boy Tamir Rice Was Caused by His Own Actions: City

So, while NBC (like the others) is nefariously peddling the conspiracy theory, based on zero evidence, that Putin is responsible for the killing in Russia, it is simultaneously trying to shift the blame for the execution of a twelve year old boy off the US government.

The reasons for this are: 1) shifting blame onto Putin for a killing, with zero evidence, serves US propaganda which is working to prep the US public for further assault on Russia, and 2) shifting blame off of the violent US domestic police forces for the execution of a twelve year old boy entirely captured on video hurts US propaganda by exposing US brutality.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting:

When you look at the NBC site, it has the video of the Tamir Rice shooting, but the video starts after the shooting, while the police are mulling around. 


Because if you watch the video of the shooting, then it you see that the police pull up and, literally as fast as humanly possible (see for yourself below), shoot the twelve year old black child to death.

That kind of thing exposes the US for what it is, thus hurting the cultivated self-image of “superiority” that, as Pilger points out, fascist countries so covet and rely on to justify their mass murder and looting campaigns.

Here is the actual video of the police shooting of Tamir Rice.  The shooting takes place just after the 7 minute mark.

[Video removed by YouTube]

I recently spoke to an attorney who represents victims of police violence.  A US military veteran and serious conservative, he looks at these cases from a purely legal standpoint.  He told me that he would love to represent the Rice family against the Cleveland police, solely because it is such a slam dunk.

When you watch the video, you don’t need to have decades of legal experience under your belt, as he does, to understand why.

Robert Barsocchini is an internationally published researcher and writer who focuses on global force dynamics and also writes professionally for the film industry.  He is a regular contributor to  Washington’s Blog.  Follow the author and his UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.

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