Big Changes Coming to the Global Gold Market – A Conversation with Andrew Maguire

TDC Note – I had the opportunity to listen to this conversation on Friday and believe me, you need to listen at least once to what Andrew Maguire shares. This conversation provides an in-depth review of what is being unleashed, right now, in China with a new physical kilo gold bar contract–fully allocated trading platform. This may be a game changer for those wishing to trade in gold futures and physical gold. by Turd Ferguson, TFMetals Report Earlier today, I had the opportunity to visit with our friend, Andrew Maguire. Some exciting, new developments are pending in the global gold market and Andy stopped by to give all of us in Turdville a sneak preview. The goal of this discussion was to familiarize everyone with some of the operations of the London-based, fractional reserve bullion banking system. As background, Andy references a document written by Jeffrey “Sister” Christian nearly 15 years ago. Here’s a link to the pdf: Andy goes on to inform us of a new project that he has been fortunate to be a part of…a new, 100% physical and fully-allocated precious metals exchange. You can learn more about this exchange in this article: You can find additional information by visiting the actual website of Bullion Capital: And here’s just one page from the Bullion Capital site. It’s pretty cool: In the end, the hope is that all of these new exchanges (including SGE, HKmex, SGPMX) ultimately serve to draw away interest and liquidity from the den of vipers known as the LBMA and the Comex. As the devious influence of the bullion banks is finally removed, the metals will begin to trade solely within a 100% fully-allocated system, instead. Only then will true, free and fair price discovery finally be realized. I’m confident that you’ll find this conversation to be quite interesting and helpful and I look forward to reading your comments. TF AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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