Marshall Swing Predicts Great Tribulation to Begin in 2015 After Epic Economic Crash

by Marshall Swing, Silver Doctors I really enjoyed the Doc’s interview with Jonathan Cahn to start the week off right! The interview covered a lot of ground, more so than other interviews I have heard of Cahn’s, going all the way back to the early 1900’s 7 year cycles. While Mr. Cahn is not quite ready to tell the readers what all this is leading up to, he did a really good job of convincing most that something BIG is going to happen in the September timeframe. Perhaps it is time for Doc to get Mark Biltz in here to get another point of view and more information on the appearing of the last two “Blood Moons”? They are not quite ready to step out and tell you exactly what all this represents but they give us the perfect picture that calamity is indeed coming. Telling you exactly what all this represents is my job… Two reports ago, despite dozens of articles everywhere saying economic disaster was imminent, I declared specifically nothing was going to happen of a catastrophic nature this time around and sure enough Greece and the EU (and ultimately the world) have a temporary reprieve for a few months and the world can breathe easier. It is sort of like a seriously ill patient taking pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms but ignoring the underlying disease. I also mentioned Russia issues not causing WWIII and now we have a “cease fire”, of sorts, in the Ukraine. No World War III beginning this month, or this year for that matter. The point is that what is coming is an appointed time and will not be altered by any other event or sequence of events. What we are witnessing is the crescendo of crescendos in the finale that leads epically up to the start of Daniel’s 70th Week and the last 7 years of this age spoken of by the bible prophet Daniel, John in Revelation, and Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) in various books, and YHVH God Himself all through the scriptures. It all starts this year, by my calculations, and understanding of the prophecies already fulfilled and those to come. By my count, the last 7 years is 2,550 days long with 45 days tagged after it or 1260+1260+30+45 but not necessarily in that order. What goes on in the first 1260 days is highly debatable as most prophecy writers say nothing much is written about it. I beg to differ with them and am pretty sure there are some things going on that do not meet the casual eye yet they are right there clear as a bell in the prophecies, if you can see them. Most prophecy writers say all the scriptures referring to 1260 days are about the last 1260 days but I say at least one of them is about the first 1260 days. After all, it is the first 1260 days that gets everything going for a certain “gentleman”. I say it begins with the economic crash and working through the details and getting the world going again, however long that takes, then a return to “business as usual” where most people will not see such a terrible world for the last 1000 days leading up to the next 1260/1290 days. “Business as usual”. Usually that phrase denotes “calm and collected” but if you examine the path this world is on now things are escalating all over the world and the resolution of any of this multitude of simultaneous events gives the appearance world war is in the near future. But I am telling you right now there is never going to be another world war. Not in the sense of many nations fighting many other nations, as we have known it. What happens in that first 1260 days (though it might start with an economic collapse) gives the appearance of world unity and certain direction, HOWEVER, it will be eventually known as one of the greatest deceptions ever played out on the world stage where most people living in the world are sucked into believing in the system and that it is good and just, freedom for all and liberty for all. Other interesting news items from around the world are: Dissidents say Iran has secret underground nuclear site: “Poole stands less than 5 feet and about 110 pounds. Her attorney claims the officer should have had the training necessary to handle this situation. In the end, Poole was never arrested, and there was not a restraining order against her.” That’s serious stuff having several rogue nations with nuclear capability… So, I am going to boldly make the prediction to all my Western readers that your sons and daughters in the U.S. and other Western militaries are NEVER going to fight openly against the Russians or the Iranians. In fact, they are going to fight with the Russians and Iranians, and the hordes of other countries that the scriptures say will come against some form of Israel, in the last days. Continue Reading>>>

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