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One does not need to have insider sources to see the unmistakable patterns emerging from the false flag attack upon Arizona’s Internet covering approximately half of the state, geographically speaking. However, insider sources are beginning to emerge. But first, let’s connect some dots. After 72 hours following the attack in commerce and communications in central and northern Arizona, there are some disturbing details beginning to emerge.

Brief Review of the Facts

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In Part One, it was established the Internet cables, controlling commerce and communications in Arizona, stretching from north of Phoenix to Flagstaff. These cables were located in a remote and hard to access area. The cables were dug up and then cut with precision through a presumably encased and very thick and sophisticated aluminum alloy covering. The perpetrators made a getaway without so much as leaving tire treads or footprints leaving investigators with nothing to go on.

It is also known that scope of the attack is much more broad and varied than first believed. Both local reports and matching insider reports are beginning to filter in. What is curious is that the BBC and Russia Today are covering this event in greater detail than the local Arizona or American media. After reading this article, the reasons for the media blackout are about to become very apparent.

Sophisticated Attack

This was a very sophisticated operation in which these remotely located cables, in rough terrain were located and cut with precision. The getaway was effected without so much as leaving a clue and we are supposed to believe this was the work of "vandals.

This was a very sophisticated operation in which these remotely located cables, in rough terrain were located and cut with precision. The getaway was effected without so much as leaving a clue and we are supposed to believe this was the work of “vandals.

In Part One, it was established that this false flag attack on Arizona’s communications and commerce was the work of highly sophisticated, well-trained professionals. The location of the cables that were cut is in an extremely remote and rugged area. How did the so-called “vandals” know where to find the location? Some of the cut cables were encased highly protective and reinforced casings. Therefore, how did they cut these cables which were designed to withstand the use of a hacksaw, which now the authorities are claiming was used? Knowing which cable to dig up from three feet deep in the ground and the prerequisite highly specialized knowledge of the function of each individual cable is important because I have been told that not all cables on the scene were “vandalized”!

Since the event began, I have literally received dozens of tips. With regard to the operational details of the attack, it is not necessary to rely on unknown sources claiming to have information. Here is what else I have learned. The cables were destroyed, and the protective casings were cut through by what is believed to be a laser. There were absolutely no clues left behind. Some present and former first responders believe that there is a chance that satellite imaging could be brought into play and very possibly the crime could be solved. Please keep in mind that President Obama announced a couple of weeks ago that DHS was taking control over all intelligence information from the NSA. If DHS does not bring this capability to bear, then we know where to start looking with regard to the origination point of this false flag attack. The fact that the investigation does, on the surface, appears to be run by the Phoenix Police Department, means that the sophistication needed to solve a crime of this complex nature will not be possible given the resources of a typical police department.

There is widespread awareness within the first responder community that this was a well-orchestrated attack and it has many people freaked out. DHS is in charge of the dissemination of media releases and information and by all reports there are many people who are not on board with what is transpiring. One of the variables that has people absolutely freaked out was that if this attack had gone one step further, critical services offered at several hospitals would have failed and many would have died as backup contingencies would have been rendered inoperable in 48 hours or less. Northern Arizona was also one step away from complete traffic chaos in both Prescott and Flagstaff. The media may not reporting on how widespread and close to lethal this attack was, but insiders are reportedly reeling from the realization of the devastation that could have been visited upon this area. One former “first responder” told me that the entire grid is exposed and there is no way to defend every inch. Such an attack would render a city into a state of absolute panic as water, electricity and normal service (e.g. hospitals, fire departments, etc.) would be rendered inoperable.

The scope of the attack is captured in this email sent to me from Prescott, Arizona, which was in the heart of the attack zone.

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