Peter Grandich – Audio Interview

from Radio Gold Seek ~According to Peter Grandich every investor needs a financial bug-out plan. ~This week’s Congressional meeting did little to restore Fed transparency. ~It’s time to pull the curtain back at the Fed; gold stockpiles require a third party investigation. ~When the truth becomes widely known that the gold reserves have likely been rehypothecated into extinction, the repercussions could be intense, rocking the foundations of the global financial markets. ~Thanks to decades of fiscal irresponsibility, the Fed has been forced to shoulder the full responsibility, an impossible task over the long-term. ~The currency war now includes a race to debase the national currency before the neighbors, to stimulate economic output and postpone the inevitable day of reckoning. ~In the next financial crisis, few life rafts / boats will be available. ~Peter points to former Fed Chief, Dr. Greenspan’s quote from an article in the Wall Street Journal (2014), “Gold is currency… No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it.” AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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