A Coming Collapse: Signs Of The Times

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog There are many triggers for the coming economic collapse. There are also many signs that we are presently in deep doodoo. A complete breakdown of the global economy will bring on a severe economic depression, possibly for decades. In our modern world of interconnected finance and risks, we have long ago seemingly reached a point of no return (astronomical ridiculous and non-payable debt). Trade wars, currency wars, and then world war will inevitably be our future. Many believe that we’re in all three right now and it’s only a matter of time before TSHTF. Add your own ‘signs of the times’ to my random list… Low long-term interest rates are an indication of how weak the global economy (growth) is. General demand is weak. The Fed has been responsible for the ballooned stock market. Debt accumulation is out of control. Increasing unfunded liabilities. The Tax payer is burdened beyond belief. Cost of health care is skyrocketing. Less disposable income. Fraudulent, twisted representation of economic ‘numbers’. Banks are now set to ‘bail-in’. Other nations are dumping their dollars. New ‘BRICS’ system replacing SWIFT. Anti-government sentiment a sign of trouble to come. Dumbing-down of the masses. The mainstream news fabrication and willful ignorance of important stories. More people than ever on government assistance. High level of poverty. Paycheck to paycheck living. Very dangerous brinksmanship in Ukraine (U.S. vs. Russia). Greece and other countries are more than broke – ready to default. U.S. gov takeover of the internet opens gateway to censorship. Obama to ban most popular rifle ammunition, AR-15 (5.56), will lead to others. Obama purge of high ranking generals who might oppose his actions. Europe, Euro, ECB in deep $hit over Greece situation – contagion. Russia threat to shut off gas to Europe as escalation continues. China having bought most of the gold indicates changes ahead. Only a very small percentage of people taking preparedness steps (normalcy bias). Manipulation is everywhere. Government trying to ‘sell’ people the idea we’re in an economic recovery. The economic problems are global – not just limited to a few nations. Debt-fueled deflation while interest rates at zero – Fed out of ammo. More global unrest. ‘The Harbinger’ and ‘The Mystery of the Shemitah

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